Copyright & Licenses

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Copyright is

  • A collection of rights granted to to the author of a piece of work
  • Some of those rights are: The right to sell, alter, lease and lend
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Public Domain

  • It is not protected by copyright law, because copyright has expired, creator has donated work or created with public money
  • Examples: Public literature and classical music.

Free ware

  • Copyrighted work that you can copy, use, or give away for free.
  • Examples: Itunes, safari, internet explorer


  • Copyright, but you can copy, use or share for free for a limited amount of time.
  • Examples: Apps you can get for free but only as a shortened version.

All rights reserved

  • Only allows the buyer to use the software according to the details in the license agreement
  • Examples: Microsoft had said you can only load software onto one computer but they then changed it to three.

Open source

  • Software that includes source code with the idea that someone can improve it

  • Examples: Chrome