Fued under the world

Hades and Persephone are fighting

What happened

Just like any typical summer Persephone went to visit her mother on earth, but this summer Hades was done with Persephone going up to earth for three months. Hades didn’t want her to leave the underworld.

Hades was threatening Demeter (Persephone’s mother) that he would pour lava upon the earth to where nothing would be able to survive. Most definitely Demeter wanted to protect earth, but she also wanted to spend time with her daughter. Torn between the two things Demeter decided to send Persephone beck to the underworld. Persephone, acting like a child, refused to go back to the underworld with Hades until her three months on earth with her mother was over. Hades did not agree with Persephone’s choice to stay on earth. The tops of mountains flew off, and magma started to pour out, along with the occasional black dust, people were screaming, plants, houses, EVERYTHING was burning, or covered by lava. Demeter feared that everything would be burned and turned into soot. Just as that happened Persephone decided that she would go back to the underworld with Hades. Hades was overjoyed to hear that Persephone was coming back to the underworld. Hades had promised that when Persephone appeared in front of him, he would stop pouring lava onto the earth.

Every now and then Persephone can make Hades a little bit mad. Whenever there is a volcano that erupts, you can blame it all on Persephone making Hades mad.