By Almina M and Ella U

Properties of Magnets

Magnets have three properties, these properties are very useful. Magnets attract iron and material containing iron. Magnets attract to each other when they are facing opposite poles and repel when facing like poles. Magnets were used to tell were north was because when magnets are swinging freely they face north.

Magnetic Poles

There is a North Pole and a South Pole. Opposite poles attract and like poles repel.

Magnetic Force

The 2 types of force is a push or pull that causes objects to move. Opposite poles pull together and like poles push apart.

Magnetic Fields

They are a magnetic area of magnetic force around a magnet. The closer together the fields are the stronger and the further apart the weaker. The field like are the strongest at the poles where the magnetic field lines are the closest.

Magnetic Domains

If the atoms in the magnetic domain are pointing in the same direction it is magnetic, if they are pointing in random directions they are not magnetic.

Extra Information

If some magnet is dropped or heated the atoms will point in random directions and it will lose its magnetism.