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Vero Beach Elementary 8/19/16


Week two is in the books!!!
We're trying not to be too excited, but WOW. We're completely impressed with our TRIBE. We have come together to problem-solve, analyze data, encourage high-expectations of the kiddos and ourselves, and create an environment that will absolutely bring out the potential in every single student at VBE.

Take a moment to breathe.

We can and we will do this together.

Full Transparency.

Rachel and I have very specific deliberate practices that we are working on for our evaluation this year. We both want to share what the expectations are that we must show for our evaluation. Full transparency would be that on all three we would currently be scored at UNSATISFACTORY based on the rubrics below. We are holding ourselves accountable and working towards highly-effective status through professional development. We feel these three areas will help us grow as leaders. Our evaluations consist of 4 Domains and 45 different indicators with rubrics for each. Feel free to come check it out if you would like.

Here are the three that will be part of our deliberate practice this year.

3.5 Quality Assessments
7.1 Leadership Team
4.2 Feedback Practices

Social Committee and PTA

We know there are a million and one things going on, but please try to take a moment to join our PTA and our Social Committee at VBE.

Upcoming Events!!!

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Tweeted out board examples, by Sarah Van Brimmer.

Our very own Literacy Coach, Sarah Van Brimmer, tweeted out some great VBE examples of board set ups.

Here's some things to think about with your board in your classroom. There is no mandated board set-up, however it can be a huge asset when done effectively.

1. Can your students identify and verbalize what the learning goal is for the day? Is there a specific routine location they can refer to if they forget when asked?

2. Has your team created a way to share the standards being taught with the students? Showing the students “where” they are going before hand is a high-yield strategy. Is there a location designated, either on the board or in the ISN, that students can refer to when asked about the standard?

3. Has your team set up a routine for reflection on the learning goals/ standard that provides the students multiple opportunities throughout the teaching to reflect on where they are either in the ISN or in another location that they can easily access? How will your team provide feedback on the students reflection and use this to direct teaching?

4. Finally, do you have the tasks and activities aligned to the rigor of the standard?. How does your team plan to assess students learning? What will you do with the assessment results?

Hopefully, the team is working on creating the small group interventions that would address concerns that are coming up due to the feedback from the reflections on the learning goals.

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Please fill this in below if you haven't already. We have 30 submitted... and we want to be able to personalize rewards when you earn them.

Sub Folder

Please make sure you turn in your emergency sub folder to Ms. Yvette.
Rachel and I will be emailing you next week if they are not turned in.

Fire Drill Signs

There was awesome positive feedback from the safety committee about CLASS SIGNS being used.

Shout out to Ms. Williams, your sign was recognized as a safety spotlight today during our meeting. Having your student in the front of the line hold your sign, while you stay at the rear allowed your class to stay together.

Please take time during your Service next week to create a class sign that can be spotted easily during fire drills or assemblies.

August 24 School Based PD

Our August 24th PD date is devoted to a WRITING WORKSHOP.
You will be getting access to the writing rubric, inter-rater reliability training, VBE writing expectations.. and more.
Remember, writing across the curriculum is our MAIN focus this year, as it will help us move ALL students forward in ALL areas.

We are venturing into new territory!!!

Starting next Tuesday, we will have a new student, Reid Mulanax, AND his service dog, Yuki, on our campus. Please read through the service dog etiquette. They will both be new members of Ms. Henson's class.
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We would like each grade level to create a family based activity to go with different parts of the brain. Each "station" will be a table out in the courtyard.

Pre-K and Kindergarten- brain smart start greetings and breathing
1st and Larkin- hippocampus
2nd- amygdala
3rd and Wilson- cerebrum
4th- pre-frontal cortex
5th and McMillan- neurons
Specials- cerebellum

The Title I stipend mandates that you come to 2 Title I functions each year. Please work together as a team to decide which ones you will come to. We need to ensure we have at least 2 people from each grade level at our events.
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Assessments and Resources

Click the link below to get directly to the Florida Standards with resources and assessments for all content areas. It will take you to a single sign on. Use your login that you use for access to your computer.


Please don't forget that open enrollment ends September 7th. If you do not sign up, you will lose your benefits.


Thursday, Sep. 1st, 8:45am to Friday, Sep. 30th, 3:45pm

1770 12th Street

Vero Beach, FL

We will be monitoring attendance through each grade level. The class with the highest attendance rate will earn the BRAG FLAG!!!


Ms. Singewald's 1st graders

Link above gives 7 reasons for standards-based grading.