Slaughterhouse - Five

Kurt Vonnegut

Small Summary

In chapter one of his book, Slaughterhouse - 5, Vonnegut explains to his readers the process in which he decided to write a book about the bombing of Dresden. Within the first few pages of the chapter, Vonnegut takes his readers though the last few years of his life, recapping where he went to school, where he worked, and whom he met. His setting jumps around to different places such as After deciding what the topic of his book was going to be, Vonnegut fails to fish out enough old memories of his experience in the war and turns to his old friend Bernard V. O'Hare for help, which takes him all the way to O'Hare's home. Both men decided to travel back to Dresden, Germany, and that is where the main setting of the first chapter is.

Rhetorical Analysis