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As in the first study was also evident in the second study, all captured from the intelligence test cognitive performance correlated positively with both the duration of music teaching. Both studies thus speak against the hypothesis that there is a particularly strong link between music instruction and individual skills music lyrics such as math or language skills. In summary argue, therefore, that these two studies show that the duration of music lessons in childhood significantly positively correlated with IQ and with school and academic achievement in childhood and young adulthood and that these correlations may not pronounced are but more generally affect all cognitive performance and are durable.

How can these positive correlations explain? Explicitly points out that the results of the two studies, although the causal interpretation are compatible music lessons would have a positive effect on the development of intelligence, but that other explanations are possible as well. A more plausible explanation is loud namely that children with higher are more likely to choose additional music lessons and even longer remain, because them these lessons easier for because of their higher intelligence than children with a lower IQ. Since as yet no empirical evidence exist which allow a decision between these competing explanation options, concludes that the question of the causes of these positive correlations is still open and can be clearly answered only in the course of future investigations.

The Swiss study by Weber et al.examined a total of, students from lower, middle and upper school. While the students were given the normal teaching assignment in the control group, the students were also in the experimental group music lessons, although the teaching was reduced in the major subjects. There were in the experimental group showed positive effects in the motivational and social area, but not in relation to the development of intelligence. Is noteworthy, however, that the reduced by to% classroom music lyrics did not lead to poorer performance in the core subjects. Indeed, a reduction of teaching in this scale negative effects in the experimental group would actually be expected and have been plausible to explain.

The authors also refer to the interpretation of their results to the so-called John Henry effect with thus would be in the control group to expect that the students in the competition with the experimental group Issuer has feel overwhelmed. The authors believe it is likely that this effect possible differences could be leveled. Relationship between musical ability and general intelligence is also the study of deals. Musicians were with at least ten years of musical practice with adult non-musicians in terms of a number of music lyrics cognitive abilities such as verbal, spatial-visual and mathematical skills, reasoning, memory skills, perception and flexibility of Gestalt perception (flexibility of closure) compared. It turned out that stand between the two groups with respect to most abilities no significant differences be.

Only with respect to the perception of speed and flexibility of shape perception showed the clear musicians perform better than music lyrics non-musicians. This result is consistent with the results of an earlier study by Barrett and Barker that have come to the conclusion music lyrics based on the study of school children that musically gifted children unmusical children with respect to the perception, the flexibility and speed of gestalt perception are superior.

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