Holiday Card Fundraiser

2015 Holiday Cards For Sale!

Each year at Riverview our 5th grade students create designs for holiday-themed cards that are sold around the holidays to raise funds for the Art Studio. Of the dozens of designs that students created and submitted, 24 were selected to be turned into cards that we have printed

Q. What all does my child need to do for this?

A. Great question. Students have already developed a designs and have been given their materials--now they just need to finish creating their designs by this Wednesday, November 18th.

Q. That's it? Just make the artwork with the materials provided?

A. Pretty much! If students would like to use additional materials they are more than welcome to do so (they aren't limited to using what was given to them).

Q. So how are the cards made? Do the kids do anything with that?

A. Nope! Once the kids turn in their artworks I scan them into the computer and put them into a card, including the words the written messages the students chose for the inside of the card. Then our Document Center prints them in color on perforated cardstock.

Q. Well that sounds pretty sweet. How much do cards cost?

A. Cards are sold individually for $1 or in packages of 25-cards for $15. Packages can be divvied up however you'd like--25 of the same card, 25 different cards, etc.

Q. Do the cards come with envelopes?

A. Sure do!

Q. How do I order my cards?

A. First, take a look at the various cards down below. [Note from the Teacher: the images below are the 2014 cards. They're there as a placeholder until Wednesday when the 2015 cards get scanned].

Then just email me your order []. Make sure to include your name (first and last), your child's name (first and last), your child's teacher, and whatever cards you'd like ordered. Here's an example:

Dear Mr. Stanley,

I would like to order a few cards for the fundraiser. My name is Bob Bobbinson and my son is

Bobby Bobbinson in Mrs. Robinson's class. I'd like to order 25 of card #02 ($15), 5 of card #14

($5) and 5 of card #23 ($5). I'll send money in with Bobby tomorrow. Thank you!

Q. When can we put in orders? When will they be ready for pick up?

A. I will send out a newsletter via email this week once the cards are ready for ordering--I anticipate that this will happen Friday morning. Cards will be available the following week for pick-up. I will email parents when their orders are ready.

Q. Can we order cards for Grandpa and Grandma, too?

A. No.

Just kidding. Please do! Share this page with friends and family if they're looking for a cheap way to get cute cards for the holidays whilst also supporting their public schools and their local artists.

2014 Cards [2015 Cards Coming Later This Week!]

Need More Holiday Cheer??!

Come join us at Dunn Bro's in Farmington on Tuesday, December 8th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm for our 3rd Annual Meet The Artist Night. There will be hot cocoa and cookies provided--you bring the cheer! You can also bring your checkbook as Dunn Bro's will be open for regular business during this time as well, if hot cocoa isn't your thing! Stop in and say hello or put your feet up and stay for awhile.

Either way, we hope you're able to come celebrate our students' works as they will be on display at Dunn Bro's throughout the holiday season.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Commendations? Quips?

My name is Paul Stanley and I'm the art teacher at RVE. This is my eighth year teaching in the district and my fourth at Riverview. When I'm not cleaning paint and marker off my hands in the art studio you can find me teaching my 7-month old how to walk.