December 7th-December 11th


PLCs will resume this week and we will have a guest speaker. If your planning hour is 4th hour, we will have your PLC on Monday. All 4th hour teachers, please come to the Hub as soon as the bell rings to begin 1st lunch.

Tech tip of the week: Pinterest

Pinterest is an awesome FREE site where you can find all sorts of educational resources and store them for future reference. You can also use this site to find recipes and all sorts of decorating ideas just in time for the holidays. Kudos to Coach Paulk and Coach Seffens for sharing their experiences with Pinterest during the PLC. You can access Pinterest online or through the app.

Mid-point ACT assessment for Junior class

I have finally completed grading the mid-point ACT assessment for the Junior class. The raw scores have been converted to the scaled score and the overall composite has been figured for you as well. I will be sending out the spreadsheet to the teachers this week with those results for your SLT. I will also print individual reports for the students to receive their scores in roll call as soon as possible.

If you have a student that was absent for the ACT mid-point assessment, please come by the Hub to pick up a copy of the test and administer the portion of the test that you need the score for during your class time or during Airtime.


Mid-point assessments are going well and seems to be flowing smoothly up to this point. Next week (Dec 14-18) will be the week to give any makeups you need. Remember to e-mail your excel calculator to me with your pre and mid-point assessment results if you are an EOC teacher.


Two opportunities for professional development will be held after school this week. Participants will receive a stipend for attending. E-mail Mrs. Sutton (carmen.sutton@cpsb.org) to reserve a spot for the sessions. It is open to the first 25-30 participants.

When: Tuesday, December 8th 3:30-5:00

Where: Hub

Presenter: Anne Castle

Topic: iPad Tips and Tricks

1) How to turn off iMessage

2) Securing the iPad

3) Turning camera on/off through restrictions

4) Enabling/Disabling restrictions

5) Troubleshooting if iPad won't connect to Internet

6) Keeping your iPad clean

7) iPad Contract with students & parents to prevent AUP violations

8) Using Apple TV with iPad

9) Various educational apps including literacy apps and where to find apps for each subject

When: Thursday, December 10th 3:30-5:00

Where: Hub

Presenter: Lauren Lebato

Topic: Formative Assessment Strategies

1) Personal whiteboards

2) Interactive Power Point templates

3) Plickers, Socrative, and other apps

4) Discussion of ideas in others' classrooms

Hang in there!

Two more weeks until Christmas break! You can do it! Have a great week!