Open Plan

what are the features of an open plan office

Open plan offices have no walls separating different offices.They are effectively just a big room with lots of desks in.

The advantages

Without the dividing walls, there is room to house more people as there is significantly less unused space. An open plan layout will also be more cost effective to heat and cool than individual offices.Open plan also offers a blank canvass for any future changes to office layouts. Should, for any reason, there be a need to change layouts, the open plan style is more flexible

The disadvantages

Open plan offices can be noisy and can cause serious distraction for employees. Multiple conversations, ringing telephones and group discussions can all contribute to noise levels and can make concentration challenging. As noise can spread throughout a room, so can colds and flu easily pass from person to person in an open plan office.Privacy can be hard to get in open space offices. Computer screens are visible to anyone walking past and telephone calls are easily overheard.This could be hard when dealing with confidential material.

Where they are used

Open plan offices are used in ppolice stations so information can be transfered quickly and easily. They can also be used in schools so lots of pupils can be taught by fewer teachers.