Its about me-ish

Some what of this is true

I'm here and here to stay

I'm a orange personality, I'm warm, optimistic, extroverted and often flamboyant.You are friendly, good-natured and a generally agreeable person.

This is boring.

I love playing basketball, video games, hanging out with friends and family and making stupid jokes until they are funny.
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Smart stuff.

I'm left brain side but right handed so I'm more logical than other.
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What things are important

I value God, family, friends, my body, my abilities and my video games
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Something she told us to put on here

My K,Nav results were support services and Journalism and broadcasting.
Which means i should probably do something in preforming arts.
And my future of education is going to probably be a bachelors degree is what I'm shooting for right now.
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My career

My dream realistic job would be a trainer. I would help people reach their goals and help the hurting.
My desired lifestyle would be laid back for most things and just be at peace.
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What I thing about my self

I believe that I'm clam, funny, happy, smart and out going than other people.
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