Oceans of Sand at Alvas Showroom

Jazz Fusion Music

Great Music + Good Atmosphere

Oceans of Sand, a jazz / rock fusion band, is playing at Alvas Showroom on September 8th at 4pm for $15.

Alvas Showroom only seats about 60 people, so act fast to reserve your seat. With a history of great music performances, Alvas Showroom provides the perfect intimate space to enjoy Oceans of Sand unique sound. Alvas Showroom serves no alcohol, but do honor a bring your own drink policy.

Oceans of Sand at Alvas Showroom

Sunday, Sep. 8th, 4pm

1417 W 8th St

San Pedro, CA

Doors open at 3:00pm, Oceans of Sand goes on at 4:00pm.

Cost is $15 per person.

Space is limited so reserve your seat by calling Alvas at (800) 403-3447.

Hope to see you guys there, Cora

Oceans of Sand

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