DECEMBER 7, 2015


December 7-11th


  • 8:30-11:30am: Screening Interviews at High School/Barber


  • 12:15pm: 5th/6th Grade: Bible Release
  • 3:00pm: Principals Meeting/Barber/Mishler

WEDNESDAY: Early Release/PLC Day

  • 12:00-1:00pm: Staff Holiday Luncheon in Cristin Fox's Room
  • 1:00-3:00pm: PLC Work



  • 8:00am: Grades 6-8 OK2Say Presentation/Grade Level Team Meetings
  • 10:00am: Grade 5 OK2Say Presentation/Grade Level Team Meeting
  • 6:30pm: Community Seminar: OK2Say

Our School Improvement Goals and PLC Work

Thank you for your hard work that you have taken on this school year. Looking at your standards and prioritizing them took some time and effort. It is something we should do each year and view as a fluid document. Our goal is to teach our standards to a deeper level versus just covering them.

This week we will meet again in PLC's to continue our work and year's priorities for getting intentional with our instruction.

  1. We will be working to finish(math groups) the prioritizing of standards.
  2. If you have finished prioritizing the next goal is to create a proficiency scale for a unit of study(your choice) using the priority standards for that unit.
  3. In January we will be having professional development on Assessments(formative and summative).
  4. From there we will work to create common assessments so that we can collect our own data.

The agenda will be coming out on Tuesday with the proficiency scale template. We will also provide you with a sample student report from the MSTEP assessment so that you may see what was prioritized on the a test as well. For more up to date information see the MSTEP update regarding the release of aggregate data from the state.

Positive Postcard Blitz: Let's Make it Happen!

The 7th grade Miphy Survey(Michigan Profile for Healthy Youth) gave us some information that takes the temperature of our school population in several areas. One result that showed in the School Domain of the survey was the following:

Percentage of students whose teachers praise them when they work hard in school: Boys: 66.7% and Girls: 47.4% reported that has happened.( I thought this was interesting)

Percentage of students whose school lets their parents know when they have done something well: Boys: 54.1% and Girls 51.3%

I have placed a few postcards in your mailbox for you to jot a quick positive or encouraging comment to a few students. If you would like more we have them in the office. Phone calls are important as well. I believe if every teacher sent one or two notes a week home or made a phone call confidence and positive feelings about school would build.

I was amazed when I did so with one of our struggling girls this summer and her mom said she was beaming when she read it. This girl now hugs me when I see her. It sometimes is the little things that matter most.

MSTEP Aggregate Data Coming Before the Holidays

In the most recent state newsletter:

Spring 2015 M-STEP District and Building Level Aggregate Data Coming Soon!

The MDE is committed to providing you with validated Spring 2015 M-STEP aggregate data before the holidays. In prior years, schools and districts have had approximately a two-week period to review your aggregate data before the public release. During this transition year, you will have a shortened embargo window to review your aggregate data prior to the public release. Superintendents, Building Principals, and District Assessment Coordinators will receive an email notification as soon as the validated aggregate data is available for their review.

A Teacher Blog Worthy of Checking Out

I found this Michigan High School Teacher's Blog, Erica Lee Beaton, and sharing with you because she passionate, funny, but also very real about the trials and tribulations of the noble profession we are all involved in. She offers many great instructional strategies and insights on learning at the secondary level.

She also made me laugh in a post on something coined: Devolson: the Dark, Evil, Vortex of September, October, and November

The blog post said:

If you’re just tuning in, there’s an acronym I coined for the period of time every fall when I cry about 10 times more regularly than normal.

It’s called DEVOLSON.

During DEVOLSON, the happy, shiny newness of Back-to-School has faded. Boundaries are being tested. The work is getting tougher. The workday is getting longer while the hours of sunlight are getting shorter. And there is no break in sight.

It’s the Dark, Evil Vortex of Late September, October, and November. Have you done any of these?:

1. Locked your keys in your car.

2. Locked your keys in your classroom

3. Tried to open your classroom door with your car keys, or vice versa.

4. Pressed your snooze alarm more than five times in one morning.

5. Have given up on any and all health regimens you were rocking this summer.

6. Are currently wearing some type of unintentionally mismatched clothing (shoes, socks, etc.)

7. Called your student the name of your child/cat/spouse, or vice versa.

8. Had a school-related stress dream.

The good thing we are now in December and Devolson has passed. We are a noble profession. The work you do matters! You matter!

Education Is A Noble Profession and Our Student Are So Lucky!

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