Food Stylist

styling up that food by Joey Rodriguez

Job Responsibilites

Food stylist arrange food so that it looks tasty and fresh to consumers. They're particularly important when food is being photographed.

Personal characterists

Many food stylist have to have plenty of artistic abilities. Food stylist have to be able to match different kinds of foods to different themes. An example of this would be matching a taco to a mexican design plate. in order to do this they must be creative. Lastly, they have to be very passionate about food.

Training/ Education

You actually don't need any degree to become a food stylist. Many stylist take different culinary courses to learn different tricks and techniques. Few may also take art classes to style up the food and make foods look more appealing.

Working Environment

Food stylist typically start out as traditional cooks or chefs working in kitchens of all types. As the stylist gains more experience he can take on clients on his own and become a freelancer. Many companies hire food stylist to arrange food for menus, magazines or advertisement.


As of 2010, the average salary for a food stylist was 40,890, but this is very depending. THe salary depends on your location and the demand of a food stylist. This job can be a full or part time job.