Sunset Newsletter

DECEMBER 11, 2020

From the desk of Dr. McDaniel

Happy December!

We have added just a few things and a few reminders this week!

Sunset News

IXL District Competition

We are in a district competition with other EPS elementary schools for the number of questions answered each month in IXL! Sunset won the first round for the month of NOVEMBER!! YAY!

Our competition is much more intense for the month of December! Parents, we are counting on you to help us during Winter Break.

We are asking for 20 minutes each day on IXL. It's such a short amount of time AND it is a great learning program to support your child in Reading and Math!

We want to WIN in DECEMBER, but we are also trying to reach 1,000,000 questions answered by the end of this month! To date we have reached 730, 295!

Let's work together and WIN!!!

Big picture

Student Protection Plan

At the beginning of the year the district offered a Student Protection Plan for the Chromebooks and Ipads. They only offered the STPP for the first semester in case there wasn't a need for the students to take their devices home the second semester. We are now planning on continuing the A/B schedule during the next semester so they are offering it again for the second semester. The cost is $12.50 per student. You can pay in the office at the school with check or cash or you can go online and pay at

If you have any questions please call or email the office.

What is the STPP and how does it work?

What is the STPP?

As with any school resource - library books, textbooks, etc. - our students and families will be financially responsible if they damage or lose the iPad and/or Chromebook that we issue to them this year, or the charger and case that comes with it. Since device replacement and repairs can be costly we offer parents an optional protection plan that we call the STPP - Student Technology Protection Plan. The secondary schools have been using the STPP for several years.

Overview of the iPad STPP (PreK-3)

In short, for $12.50 the STPP will cover 100% of the cost of fixing or replacing the student's iPad or Chromebook the FIRST time it is accidentally damaged or stolen. If reporting stolen we MUST have a police report.

Coverage is 50% the second time the device is accidentally damaged or stolen and the third time there is no coverage.

We have set the cost of a stolen/accidentally damaged iPad at $240, a Chromebook is $200, an iPad screen is $100, Chromebook screen $90, iPad charger $13, Chromebook charger $20. You can check the website for other charges. There is no multi-kid discount for families that have multiple kids.

What is NOT covered?

Losing the device. For example, leaving it at the park or losing one's backpack with the device in it.

Deliberate damage. If it is obvious that the device was damaged on purpose then the STPP will not cover it.

Damaging someone else's device: If student A damages student B's iPad, student A cannot use their STPP to cover the damage to student B's iPad.

Damage to a sibling's device: The $12.50 is per student, per device. One sibling's STPP cannot be used to cover damage on another sibling's device.

A lost case. Student's are instructed to leave the case on the device. There is no reason a case should be lost.

A lost charger. Students are expected to return the charger (and lighting cable in the case of iPads) when they return the device.

How/When Do Parents Pay?

Parents can pay online using InTouch or can pay the Financial Secretary at school. Once the deadline has passed to pay for the second semester the $12.50 charge will be removed for any family/student that did not pay and it will be assumed they chose to opt out.

What happens if I don't have the STPP and I damage or lose my device?

If you do not purchase the STPP and you lose or damage your device the fee will be entered into INTouch and your schedule or Teacher will not be given until the fine is paid or arrangements are made.

Holiday Store




We will have a Holiday Store for the students to bring money and shop for family and friends. We are going to make the store socially distanced and Covid compliant. We will need lots of help to accomplish this and make this event successful. The store will run the two weeks of Dec 7th - Dec 18th in order for us to serve both sets of A/B students. This is a favorite event of all the students. They look forward to this every year. If you are able to help for a day or even half a day please take a moment to signup on the link below. We look forward to making this a fabulous holiday season for all of our students.

Volunteers will be required to wear a mask at all times while in the building and will have their temperatures taken each day before they are allowed into the building. You will also be required to wear gloves while assisting the students in the store. Due to social distancing we will need more one on one help with the students so any time you can volunteer would be greatly appreciated.

Please click the link below to sign up to volunteer.

Winter Parties 2020

As you know, we have had to adjust our Winter Parties this year! Here are the changes:

  • Parents/Special Guests will not be allowed to join us for parties this year!
  • We will only accept and distribute individually wrapped items.
  • Students will stay socially distanced and only within their classroom cohorts!

Thank you in advance for your understanding! Your child's teacher will have more information specific to their classroom!

  • December 15th - Group A Winter Parties
  • December 18th - Group B Winter Parties






Monday, January 4th is a Professional Development day for TEACHERS!

Students will come home with a Holiday Homework IXL challenge!

We are encouraging students to learn on IXL at least 20 minutes each day over the Winter Break! .

Ice Cream and Rice Krispy Treat Sales

Tuesday, December 15th for Gold Students (A group)

Friday, December 18th for Blue Students (B group)

The cafeteria will be selling Ice Cream and Rice Krispy treats for a $1.00. Students will need to bring their dollar with them to the lunch room and after everyone has been served they will then start selling the ice cream/rice krispy treats.


December Dates To Remember

December 7th - December 18th ~ PTO Holiday Store

December 9th ~ PTO Zoom Meeting @ 4:00PM

December 15th ~ Winter Party Gold Students (Group A) 2:30PM, Pre-K 1:45PM

December 18th ~ Winter Party Blue Students (Group B) 2:30PM, Pre-K 1:45PM

December 18th ~ End of 2nd 9 Weeks

December 21st - Jan 4th ~ NO SCHOOL, Winter Break

January 5th ~ First Day Back From Winter Break (Group A)

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