Nurse Medical

By Dominique McFadden

Educational requirement

To be a registered nurse need a 4 year undergraduate bachelor program + licensing exam

Working conditions

The working condition for a registered nurse requires large base of knowledge used assess, plan and intervene to promote health, prevent disease and help patients cope with illness.

Job requirements

Requirements to become a RN students must complete formal education and obtain a state license. Hospital education programs that lead to a diploma and associate degree or bachelor degree. Nurse must be able to stand for long periods of time, and may be exposed to infectious disease and can be avoided by following safety guidelines.


RN nurse receive the same benefits as all medical professions under same employers insurance come with most. Coverage medical dental and vision.


Salary for RN come up to $85.15 hr for career RN . yearly salary for RN is $50,000
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Working Conditions. Most nurses work in healthcare facilities, although home health and public health nurses travel to their patients homes

Registered nurses take care of patients and assist doctors with medical tasks. They normally work in rotating shifts to cover patients in 24-hour facilities.