The Bulldog's Tale

GNR's Monthly Newsletter

Principal's Message

It's hard to believe that the holiday season is upon us! Our students transition back to school has been great and everyone quickly got into the routine of school. This year, homerooms on each grade level are vying for the Bulldog Trophy. The trophy gets passed to the homeroom, on each grade level, that has the most participation in Spirit Days or other friendly competitions that we have. The homerooms with the trophy now are 3rd grade- Ms. Eggert, 4th grade, Ms. Dlabik and 5th grade, Ms.Brown

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In November, we'll be focusing on everything we have to be grateful for!

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GNR PRIDE! October Student of the Month

We recognized our 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students on October 14th during lunch periods. All of the students we celebrated, were nominated because of how they embrace and generate our GNR PRIDE values (Persistent, Respectful, Innovative, Dependable, Enthusiastic) Congratulations to all our recipients!

3rd grade: Nalayah Bowe, Miray Ozturk, Conner Hu, Cristopher Macas, Mia Schamper, Emma Ludwig, Jose Rivas Ruiz, Max De Dios, Dominic Alvarez-Peralta, Ryder Calhoun

4th grade- Valentina Thomas, Rebecca Cobos, Alisson Largo, Avleen Toor, Rudy Santizo- Ortiz, Milton Garcia- Medina, Francis Puhalski, Iker Coyago Plasencia, Jack Jamet, Isabella Liptak, Steven Chuqui-Arpi

5th grade- Marie Whitley, Anita Monge, Adrianna Castillo, Bryn Peters, Oliver HIng, Jalexy Puhalski, Tanish Patel, Sneijder Minchala-Granda, Angel Manrique, Cici Laudenberger

PTO Halloween Dance

The GNR school community had a blast at the PTO's family Boo Bash event Friday night! The table decorators did a great job creating festive, fun table displays

Former EWRSD Students are Staff Members Now!

Did you know that your child may have a teacher who is a graduate from the EWRSD?! Well, several of our GNR staff members are former EWRSD students so it is possible! I was surprised to learn that at GNR, twelve of our staff members attended schools in EWRSD. We did a little survey to learn more about these special folks. Eight of these staff members still live in the EWRSD. Two of them are now colleagues with former teachers and a majority of them participated in activities while they were students. All of them are rockstars!! Check out the picture below to see who they are.

From left to right:

Top: Mr. Trast, Ms. Barr, Ms. Nubile, Ms. Firth, Ms. Marcus

Bottom: Ms. Trost, Ms. Ethe, Ms. Steinberg

Not pictured: Ms. Sanchez, Ms. Palmisano, Ms. Stevens, Ms. Chica

Upcoming Events

October 28th- Halloween Dance- 6:00-7:30

October 31st- Halloween parade- 9:45-10:30

November 4th- Student of the Month during lunch periods

November 7th- Fall pictures

November 10th and 11th- School Closed

November 14th- PTO meeting- 6:00

November 3rd and 15th- Parent / Teacher conferences. - 2:00-4:00 and 5:00-8:20

November 21st- Picture make ups

November 23rd- Early dismissal

November 24th and 25th- School Closed