Copyright & Ethics

A few things about Copyright and Ethics!

What is Copyright?

Copyright is when someone takes an idea that isn't theirs. For example if I wrote a poem and someone else used it in a song or their writing or just plain out took the poem and din't give credit that's copyright.

Why should you not copyright?

Well not only is copyrighting just plain wrong it can also get you in lots of trouble. One is the person finds out you most likely get taken to court. From there, there is a possibility of you going to jail. You don't always get sent to jail it just depends on the case. For example you may come to an agreement and just have to pay lots of money.
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A Real Example.

Mandy Davis is a painter, a very good one too. She found her painting displayed on a commercial vehicle with the colors changed and it slightly distorted. She took the people to case. Although the final agreement is confidential I am certain that there were consequences to those people.

It's Stealing!

Even if you change it, reword it, or distort it it's still considered stealing. Not only is it against the law it's just not morally right on your part and you shouldn't do it!
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