The Fight For Civil Rights

Civil Rights

To what degree has the civil rights movement contributed to making the United States a more equal and just society?

The civil rights movement made a very big impacted on the world. By putting an end to segregation and bringing people together, treating everyone with equality. We can now get along and respect one another. It had made people realize that blacks are people too, and they have family's they need to take care of. It also shows us that blacks can live among the whites.

"Until justice rolls down likes waters and righteousness like a mighty stream." - Marten Luther King

There was some groups that they made to get rights and to stop segregation. Some are CORE, Freedom riders, and SCLC. Two people that made a difference was Jimmie Jackson, and Medgar Evers.

One of the strategies used was sit-ins. CORE used this strategy in restaurants, when African Americans get refused to be served they would sit int the restaurants until they serve them. Also to shame the restaurant managers into integrating their restaurants. George Houser was in this group as well as James Farmer.

The Freedom Riders rode interstate buses into segregated southern United States. challenged the non-enforcement of the supreme court. African Americans and Whites traveled to the south to draw attention to the south's refusal to integrate bus terminals. 13 African Americans and whites became known as the freedom riders.

SCLC eliminated segregation from American society and to encourage African American to register to vote. They challenged segregation at voting booths, transportation, housing, public accommodations. Martin Luther King Jr. was a leader in this group, along with other ministers.

The fight for civil rights

Jimmie Jackson

Was born in 1938, he participated in a peaceful protest in Alabama in February 1965. He was sot by a state trooper. A few days after he got shot he died. The violence at that protest became known as the 'Bloody Sunday'. His death inspired a voting rights march. Made it possible to pass the 1965 voting rights act.

Medgar Evers

Was born in 1925, he became the first state field secretary of the NAACP in 1954. He had organized voter- registration efforts, demonstrations, boycotts of companies. He investigated crimes perpetrated against blacks. Was assassinated outside his house on June 12, 1963.
If We're Honest (Lyric Video) - Francesca Battistelli
I believe this goes with the civil rights as it talks about being honest. Honesty is what you need to be free. I also believe that if all the whites were truly honest in their hearts, and love the blacks then none of the violent acts would have happened. Everyone would be free and have civil rights to live together in harmony. There was a lot of people who were broken and who need something to make them happy again.