Northern vs Southern Society

By Dylan Mathwig

Northern Society

Northern Society Politics

  • Most Northerners were in favor of Abraham Lincoln's Republican party.

Northern Society Social

  • Urbanized with one fourth of the population living in cities
  • Children had a better chance of attending school in the North compared to the South
  • Northerners had careers in business, medicine, and education
  • Women stayed at home and raised kids until the Civil War, then had to find work when the men were off at war
  • No slavery but was still separated somewhat by color
  • Northern children had a higher literacy rate
  • Lower birth rate than the south
  • Families mainly depended on the male for providing for the family, until the Civil War when women started working

Northern Society Economics

  • Mostly manufacturing
  • Large immigrant population working in factories
  • Industries benefitted from the numerous amounts of natural resources that were found in the North
  • Produced Iron and Steel
  • Transportation advantages with railroads
  • Factory working conditions were very poor

Southern Society

Southern Society Politics

  • When part of the United States, most voted for Democrats
  • Confederate States of America
  • considered a separate country from the Union
  • no public education system

Southern Society Economics

  • Mostly agricultural
  • Poor southerners didn't own slaves and worked on farms to supply themselves
  • Produced tobacco and cotton
  • Little Industry
  • Held a disadvantage compared to the North economically because of the lack of railroads
  • Most of the wealth was owned by plantation owners

Southern Society Social

  • Population almost completely equal between white and black people.
  • Children had a harder time attending school than northern children
  • Not densely populated
  • One tenth population lived in Urban areas
  • Women had the same roles as women in the North
  • Biggest city was New Orleans
  • Lower literacy rate than North
  • Some slaves were almost treated more like animals than actual humans
  • Families mainly depended on the male for providing for the family
  • Higher birth rate than the North, sometimes as a result of many injustices between white men and slaves