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November 14, 2014

Should Kids Be Able to Take IPads Home From School?

Should kids be able to take iPads home from school ? They can use the iPads at home to do homework and charge the batteries to use the next day.

Kids have opinions regarding the pros and cons of taking their iPads home. Some reasons why they should take them home are that they can show how responsible they are and do homework on it. Since the children currently have to do homework on the computer, they can let their parents have more time to work.

There are some reasons why they shouldn't bring iPads home. Kids may break, drop, or lose the iPads. Kids may take advantage and use them in the wrong way. Students may forget to bring it back to school and leave it at their house.

What do you think? Should kids be able to bring iPads home?

By: Ryann and Kendall

Dividing Decimals is Diabolical

When you multiply a decimal by a power of 10 the decimal increases. If you have a decimal like 27.789 and the question says to multiply that by 10 to the third power, you would move the decimal point over 3 times to the right. The new number would be 27,789.

When you divide a decimal by a power of 10 the decimal decreases. If you have a

decimal like 27.789 and the question says to divide that by 10 to the third power, you would move the decimal point over 3 times to the left. The new number would be 0.027789.

Also, when you are dividing decimals, you move the decimal point to the left. If you are multiplying decimals, you move the decimal point to the right. You move the decimal by the number of zeroes the decimal has. Next time you see a decimal problem, don't be afraid to solve it!!

By: Ryan F. and Patrick

Ask Astrid

Dear Astrid,

My friend has a crush on another student who is in our grade, and everyone says that they are going out, but they aren't. I feel concerned for my friend and want to stop the rumors. So, what do we say to the people telling the rumors? We don't want to see this happen again!


Concerned Friend.

Dear Concerned Friend,

If you are feeling concerned about the rumors regarding your friend, I know how to handle this type of problem. First, ask your friend if she/he is comfortable talking about this situation. Then, if they are comfortable talking about it, help your friend tell the person who started the rumor to stop spreading rumors that aren't true. In a situation like this,you should explain how you feel. After that, if it still continues, tell an adult whom you are comfortable talking to. In the end, I believe this problem can be solved by the advice I gave you. Hope this works!

Best of luck,


Trick-or-Treat for Unicef

We are raising money for Unicef! Unicef is an organization that helps out people in need. Some people need money because they aren't well nourished or hydrated because their water is polluted. One girl who lives in Nepal takes care of her little brother and sister. She wants to go to school, but she has to provide food and water for her siblings! This is one example of why we raise money for UNICEF.

Here's how you can donate to UNICEF. You can bring in money and it will go to the foundation. All money helps! Here are some examples of things we can give to others with our donations. With $5, we can give a soccer ball for kids in refugee camps. With $30 ,we can give 100 kids vaccines to protect them from measles. With $100, we can give UNICEF a bike to deliver medicines. With $500, we can give a village or school with polluted water a water pump so they can have clean water for cooking and drinking! That's a lot to give, and our class would like to give as much as we can! With your help we can donate more, so if you can please help UNICEF!

UNICEF is an amazing organization and we are so glad that we participate with everyone else! Your child has a trick or treat for UNICEF box at home, so if you have any spare change, please help us raise money. We will have our boxes until Thanksgiving. This is why we donate to UNICEF. We hope you can help donate!

By: Emily and Kyle

Honoring Our Veterans

On Tuesday November 11, we are celebrating the holiday we call Veterans Day. Let us give you some information on this holiday. The first thing we should tell you is what Veterans Day is. Veterans Day is a day when people in America celebrate the military men and women who have served our country. The holiday began when World War I ended November 11, 1918, with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles.

It is important to celebrate this holiday because these soldiers have protected America's freedom, and without their service, we would have no rights. Did you know 44 Veterans are related to students in our class?!?!?!? That's a lot of people who served in our Military, Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines!

As you you see, Veterans Day is a very important holiday because it celebrates those who fought for what America thought was right.

By: Stella, Presley, and Carlie

Flower Power

Do you know the main parts of a flower are the stamen, pistil, ovary, seed,pollen grains and petals? A stamen produces male cells and the pistil is the ovule producing part of a flower. A seed is a non-grown plant in a protective case and an ovary holds the seeds in place. Pollen grains fertilize the seeds.

If you look at the flower you can see the petals, then you see the long tubes with fluffy grains on them. Those are the stamen and pollen grains. If you dissect a flower, you can see the seeds inside the ovary. Then you can see a long thick tube that is the pistil. These are the main parts of a flower.

By: Eric and James

Halloween Party!

We’re going tell you parents about the Halloween party! We made glow in the dark slime and we got to play weird games, like Throw the Eyeball and Pass the Pumpkin. It was so fun making the caramel apples and we got to add anything we wanted to them. "I loved the Holloween carnival and party," said Ryann R. We hope you've enjoyed reading this article.

By: Will and Evan

Are Vampires Bloodthirsty or Not?

What if you and your parents were vampires and you did not even know?

Also, what if your dad stole blood from the local blood bank and police were circling your house at night? What would you do? I know who could help. Vampires Are Not Your Friends by Baron Specter could help. This book is about a 12 year old girl named Mercy who has been moving around the world ever since she was little and for as long as she could remember.

She may need to move in order to escape these freaky police officers who have been following her blood sucking dad. Along her journey, she makes a best friend, Mitch Morris, who will keep her secret safe forever. No one has any idea what could happen to her and her parents. When the police officers find their location, it forces Mercy and her family to leave and move once again. This will rip a hole in Mitch and Mercy's friendship. Will Mercy and Mitch ever meet again? Read this blood curdling book to see what happen!

By: Amaris

City Of Ember Review By: Nicholas Rabjohn

Imagine your ancestors being sent to a dark underground city because the world was in danger from the great disaster. In The City Of Ember by Jeanne Da Prau, this is the exact scenario.

In the lost city so called Ember lives two unique citizens named Lina and Doon. For their jobs, Lina received pipe-works laborer and messenger for Doon. The Pipe works is a deep network of pipes underneath Ember and the pipe works includes a large, loud generator that powers the lights of Ember. This generator is very old and causes Ember many blackouts. Doon had "plans" for the generator, so he had the courage to ask Lina if she wanted to trade jobs and she accepted the offer. Without Lina wanting to trade jobs, Ember would be plunged into chaos forever.

For a long time, Lina has had a love for drawing. Lately, she has been drawing a gleaming white city with a blue sky. Around the borders of Ember, there is a strange place called The Unknown Reigons. Lina thought that this was were her city may be and it lead to a large discovery later in the novel.

One day, Lina found a top secret note that was crumpled and lost to the people of Ember. Next, she immediately told Doon the news, and they thought that it would lead them out of Ember. This thought ended with Lina and Doon deep in the Pipeworks, riding a boat against the rushing current.

I suggest reading this novel because it is amazingly written and has many twists. Andrew from our class stated, "This book had many exciting parts and will include lots of cliff hangers." As you can see, this book will "light" up your brain.

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?

1. What Is 10 to the 15th power?





2. What is 80x90?





3. What Is a scientific word for dolphin?

A.Tursiops Truncatus

B.Canis lupus familiars

C.Felis Catus


4. What are the two real types of fungi?

A. 2-Day-Old Macaroni & Cheese

B. 5-Day-Old Yeast

C. 3-Day-Old Mold

D. 3-Month-Old Cheese-It

5. What place is the 5 in this number? 584.892

A. Hundreds

B. Ones

C. Hundredths

D. Tens

Answer Key:






By: Alex and Parks

Top 5 Best Songs!

We chose songs for Top 5 because a lot of people listen to music. Here are the Top 5 favorite songs of our class.

#1 All About the Bass ( Meghan Trainor)
#2 Top of the World (Imagine Dragons)
#3 Black Widow (Iggy Azalea)
#4 Happy ( Pharrell Williams)
#5 Fireball (Pit Bull/John Ryan)

By: Juanita and Litzy

Seen and Heard by Logan and Kristal

Editors: Daniella and Andrew