How to Survive a Chimera

By: Adilene Escalante


A chimera is a monster who is part lion, part serpent, and part goat. It can be really dangerous because there's three animals in one, and those three animals are dangerous. Bellerophon destroyed the Chimera by mounting on his winged horses.The famous Greek myth monster that Chimera was in was 1 mythological monster, 2 Mythical animals, 3 giants, and 4 dragons. It was in "The Ancient Trainer of Heroes"

Strength and Weakness of a Chimera

A Chimera strength is that he is a fire-breathing monster, which comes from the lions head. The weakness of a chimera is the flying horses. The weakness is also Pegasus because that's who killed him.

Steps 1-5

Chimeras are really dangerous because a lion, a serpent, and a goat are really defensive and you wouldn't know what they would possibly do to you. The first step to do if you were in a situation with a chimera, is that I wouldn't move or run off because I'm sure they would catch you. The second step is that I wouldn't throw something at it, because maybe you can hurt the chimera and it would get more angry. The third step is that I would not touch it or get near it because it would do something to you. The four step is that I would probably distract it, so I would escape. The fifth step is that if you are still close to the chimera then hide and don't make any noise because they have 4 ears.


Whenever you are close to a chimera, you might want to think before you do, because all those three animals in one are really dangerous. A chimera cause lots of trouble so beware.