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February 2015

Announcing the 2015 Printz Award

The Michael L. Printz Award for excellence in literature written for young adults winner is...
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Universal Search

With just one click, you can now search all of our resources! In the past, you had to search each of our resources separately. Whether you wanted an eBook or a print book , a database or an news article, a website or an encyclopedia had to search in each place individually.

Now, with Universal Search, you can search all of our resources we purchase or subscribe to at one time--print and digital! And, select quality websites are also included in this search! This search includes:

  • ABC-Clio History Databases
  • World Book Encyclopedias
  • Ebsco (great for newspaper and magazine articles and subject specific databases)
  • Follett eBooks
  • Destiny (to search our print and AV catalog)
  • Gale Databases (It does not search Artemis Literary Sources, and that's a great place to search for full-text literary content. Search Artemis through our Database page.)

Check out the quick tutorial below to see how it works. One key is signing in. You have to sign into Destiny first with your universal username and password (student or staff), and then choose "Universal Search" in the catalog. If you don't sign in, you'll only see our print and digital books and the selected websites. You will not see our databases and encyclopedias we subscribe to.


New Universal Search for MRHS

Future Bound

During these first two weeks back, I worked with all 9th grade English classes to teach a lesson on Digital Footprints. I know that many students can be pretty free with what they post online. I was hoping to teach students that how they present themselves online now can follow them into the future. Read how colleges are using social media when recruiting student athletes. And, students can also ruin their chances before even meeting recruiters! It's important for them to think before posting! Not thinking of college? Employees also are using social media to screen applicants. And, Twitter, Linkedin, and other sites are great places to find jobs.

Below is more information about what the freshman classes talked about. It includes links to videos and articles, too. We started with with 9th grade each year with the hopes of presenting to that same grade level each year... eventually every student will have the same information. :)


Tech Tip of the Month: Download Google Drive

Check out this quick GIF to find out how to download Google Drive to your home computer. Why? Once you download, then Drive is one of your options to save files on your computer. Click the photo to the right to enlarge an example of what it looks like at Mountain Range. It would look similar at home, and it works on both a PC and a Mac. Then, you can access your files as usual through Drive, from anywhere and on any device! (You're automatically signed into Drive if you sign into a Chromebook. So, there's no need-and no way-to do that there.) Do you use Word or Pages more than Google Docs? You can save Word and Pages documents to your Drive, too.

Want the steps? Here you go:

  1. Visit the Google Drive download page.
  2. Hover over "Download" and click "Mac and PC". (You can download on a mobile device as well, which opens up even more kinds of awesome.)
  3. Choose to "Accept and Install".
  4. After installing, enjoy! You'll find Google Drive listed as one of your available drives. It's often listed under Favorites. And, on a Mac, there will be an icon on your top menu bar.


We have eBooks!

Want to read them on your Apple or Android device? Find out how below!

¡Tenemos libros electrónicos! ¿Quiere leerlo en su aparato Apple o Android? ¡Averigue como más abajo!

We are on Social Media!

Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for tech tips, book suggestions, cool websites, and more!

¡Estamos en Medios de Comunicación Sociales!

¡Síguenos para sugerencias de tecnología, sugerencias de libros, geniales sitios de web, y mucho más! (Twitter y Facebook)

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Students: Did you get an email from Mrs. LaRue?

In mid September, we started sending e-mails to students when they have overdue library books. We also send lists to teachers to post in their classrooms, but those notices do not have book titles to protect student privacy.

So, students have an overdue library book or a library fine, they can find out which book is out two ways.

  1. Students can log in to their Adams 12 Gmail here. If they have a recent e-mail from me (Mrs. LaRue), they will see the title and price of materials checked out or lost.
  2. Students can log in to Destiny themselves and see what's on their account. A video tutorial is below if interested in trying that.


Checking "My Info" in Destiny

Our Website

There's tons of stuff on the library website to help both teachers and students. A few highlights that may be helpful are: