Ordinances of the 1780's!

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Benefits? Oh What Can We Do About The Infamous Articles of Confederation?

The Land Ordinance of 1785 and the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 both had a cause for organizing land for the Americans. By doing this, settlers managed their own land separately and as well as residing to new states with the admittance from the government. The Articles of Confederation played a big role in being the first written constitution for the country. This document consisted of articles which kept the states sovereign and independent while Congress was to be the last resort for appeal of disputes.

Land Ordinance of 1785

The Land Ordinance gave a survey of the land and consisted of 36 sections containing 640 acres each. Each section was numbered thus section 16 was set aside for schools. Each acre was not less than $1 thus, this ordinance was used to provide money and support the states. This helped settled issues such as distributing each land and developing townships by dividing each territory into its own independent areas. Each side was measure 6 mi. each into a square equaling to 36 miles of land. The government sold the remaining sections of land at public auctions with minimum bid at $640 per section or $1 per acre.

Northwest Ordinance of 1787

The Northwest Ordinance was adopted by the Second Continental Congress and was a procedure for land to be governed and become new registered states. There were to be no slavery in the Northwest and education was strongly encouraged. This was more laid back and open than the south. The land was divided to become 3-5 states and two additional provisions promoted the growth of democracy. This became one of the Confederation's greatest achievements. The beginning process for this was to appoint territorial governor and judges. Then the population of 60,00 would write a constitution. Finally the Constitution would be submitted to Congress and wait for the approval as a state.