Advice for new 5th graders (:

by; Leigha (:

Mrs.huntley's class !

-DO NOT get up to use the restroom or throw something away when she is either. Talking or teaching !

- do not randomly walk up to her desk !

- Listen to her the first time she does not like to repeat things .

-do not back talk to her or give her an adittude .

- she's is very sarcastic so don't take her serious . When she makes fun of you

You will have an amazing year with her so enjoy it ! Love love (;

Mrs.parker's class

- never forget your mission at home or you will suffer consequences

-do not lean back in your chair

- do not give her a ugly look :)

-DO NOT talk back to her

-always stay in the positive in dojo if in negatives you will get detention !

you will always see a smile on her face ;) you will have an amazing time with her <3

More tips :)

-Mrs. Parker is very funny

- Mrs. Huntley is also funny :)

You will enjoy each and every time with them :) !! Please be good and nice to them