The Home Front

By: Matthew L.

The Home Front was where the people that weren't the soldiers lived and worked during World War I. One of the things the people at the Home Front were responsible for was planting, harvesting, and processing food. For example, they would pick the turnips, potatoes, and wheat to make flour, and they would turn that flour into cakes, buns, and bread.
The Home Front wasn't as safe as you might think. Three months after the war had started, the Germans bombed Scarborough, Whitby, and Hartlepool in England. The bombings killed 18 women in total. Germans had bombed these 3 specific places because the Germans thought they were producing too many guns for the front line of battle.
Seven hundred thousand women had to work in munition industries once the War started. During the war, the women were not allowed to work if they were married. The government said that they were worried that the women wouldn't focus on their jobs as much. World War I was interesting for women at the Home Front, because it had been the first time women worked outside of the house. It was also the first time women worked in factories, offices, and shops.