Digital Citizenship

Keep it clean

Digital dirt

Its information that people post about you that is unflattering or something you did that you don't want people to find out about.

Social Networking

Social Networking is where you make an account on the internet to interact with other people. In the teenage years there has been a lot of bullying. Bullying on the internet is called 'cyber bullying' Social networking can be a great thing for everyone but my advice to you if you don"t want cyber bullying to happen to you don't post things you don't want others to see on the internet. Such as Facebook or myspace.

Other Digital Safty

How your future can be affected

Your future can be affected by posting bad things on the internet and they are there forever. They can never be deleted and if a boss your applying for a job or something sees those bad pictures he will probebly not hire you and it will be with you there forever. Also, people will look at you differently for the rest of your life it can ruin your entire reputation so my advice to you is think before you post!