Half way through September!

How is that possible?!!

Changes in the Third Grade!

As stated in the Partner letter there are some changes happening in Third Grade. We are so excited to have Liz Pattison joining our team. We know we are headed in the right direction so that we may best meet the needs of your children! Please email me if you have any questions.

Excursion Number 2!

On Tuesday we will be walking over to George Washington High School to play some empathy games. These games play into our current Education for Sustainability unit as we are working on developing empathy for Settlers, Native Americans and Bison in the time period of the 1860s. The games we will play will be played a few times through out the year to see how well we grow our empathy.

A few things

Just a few reminders as we move deeper into September and the school year. Please have your student in dress code. No spaghetti straps for girls tank tops, CLOSED toed shoes are a MUST, and please make sure that shorts and shirts are long enough to cover! If we meet these clothing codes then our focus can be strictly on our learning!

There have been some incidents of students not being kind or taking care of others in our class. Please have a conversation with your student about kind words, respectful actions and keeping their hands to themselves. Many students are respecting others but with your support this can be a conversation about how to be a respectful citizens with sustainable, respectful interactions.