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Dec. 15, 2020

Reflections on 2020

It is so wild to think that this is our last newsletter of 2020. This year has been a challenge for us all. While many things have changed in our world this year, many things have stayed consistent. You have learned how to navigate online learning, masks and hand sanitizer are part of our normal day and we have found all kinds of creative ways to stay connected when not with each other.

I am astounded at what we have learned how to do in nine short months. To think that in that time we have learned all kinds of platforms, how to host debate tournaments online and do hands-on lessons with one another like cooking and art from our homes is astounding. You are truly a resilient generation and I am very proud of you.

There has never been a new year that I was more excited to welcome in! While reflecting on 2020 laugh about toilet paper shortages and reflect on all that you have accomplished and adapted to. You will be impressed with yourself if you think about what you have learned.

As we move into 2021 the days will get longer and hopefully, we will start to see a reduction in COVID cases as many adults get vaccinated. The thing I am looking forward to the most in 2021 is safely having students back in school. Hang in there, we are getting close!

Looking Ahead

The counselors have been very busy preparing for 3rd quarter. We will possibly be moving your schedule around with the purpose of trying to balance 4th quarter classes as much as possible to prepare for the tentative in-person return in March. If you would like to change a class please contact your counselor by January 8th 2021.

The majority of students will remain on zoom, just as we have been doing so far this year. The counseling team will be reaching out to a targeted group of students who have failed multiple core classes to offer in-person learning. These spaces are very limited so please return counselor calls, even if you are not comfortable with your student coming in-person so that we can offer that spot to another student. The in-person session small group start date is tentatively January 19th.

Finish Strong!

We only have two days left in the quarter. Dig deep and get as much work as possible turned in. Our hope is that no student has to repeat a class from the second quarter during summer school this June. Canvas closes at 6pm on Dec. 17th.

Romig Generosity did it again!

Thank you so much to our Romig community for again pulling together to take care of our own families who could use a little extra help during the holiday season. Our last day of the food drive we were 40 boxes away from reaching our goal and a kind family reached out to take care of those 40 families. This week 100 families will be provided with a box of food to help bridge the two weeks when school is closed and there is no lunch or breakfast program.

Thank you to everyone who donated items, funds or time to this project. My heart is filled with joy at thinking of how loving and kind our community is. Romig pitches in to take care of one another!

PTSA and Counseing working hard putting together boxes.

Challenge from the 8th grade....

Our students again show how generous they are! After watching two different KTUU news reports about non-profit donations, and specifically Salvation Army's red kettle donations, being lower this year than last, five middle school boys are donating their time to do the most good for the Salvation Army. Jack James and his friends Calin, Drake, Finn, and Lars from Romig and Central Middle Schools are using Jack's birthday as a way to draw attention to the need and raise money this season. The boys practice distancing and mask-wearing even among themselves and are focused on finding different ways to hang out with each other safely. Donating their time together and pooling their resources seemed like a good way to spend time together on Jack's birthday (they have also zoomed and colored their hair, and had sledding parties to celebrate each others' birthdays during the pandemic) as well as help their community. These boys challenge your buddies to contact the Salvation Army to sign up for a kettle filling slot and try to beat the $1,305 that they raised in 3 hours. Email Mrs. Sumner and I will let the Romig community know to come out and support you.
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Student of the Month

Each month Romig teachers select a student to be the student of the month. These are students who have shown their dedication, character, and perseverance! Congratulations to our 2020 (September, October, November, and December) Students of The Month!!!


Tamara Sanchez, Railey Torres, Shahil Rana, Tonya Karpow, Marcos Vain, Kayden Hernandez, Elisha Lanceta, Kaelynn Kaufman, Anthony Noriega-Reyes, Ever Lopez Hernandez, Jayden Crow, Intendehui Dominguez Gomes, Oscar Jimenez, CR Yowakim, Ruth Land, Colling Sullivan, Allison Tew, Jack Boots, Sam Fineman, Malory Raun, Parker Stephens, Shayne Afolabi, Tegan Halsey, Dominic Bulaong, Sophie Walukiewicz, Suri Mikaela Devillena-Art, Michael Winn, Kiersten Harford, Abubacar Marenah, Jarin Holt, Reshean Hidalgo, Teanekuma Pulini.


Lacey Sherman, Diazen Chen, Sarah Kim, Esaias Philemonof, Lalya Sparks, Dawson Bookey, Suri Devilena, Pelle Messiner, Leah Stiassny, Michael Andrew Williams, Lena Hanley, Anna Kardashyan, Noah Marx, Penelope Garton-Barendret, Miles Wyatt, Trenton Felton, Marlin Shumaker, Florencio Lopez Gonzales, Ezekiel Tautua, Tayden Karpow, Mariah Nabaa, Odin Trevino Pedersen, Ange Sanchez, Wilson, Miley Kakuruk, Jose Rivera, Maria Kotelnikov, Kaiden Xiong, Makayla Underwood, Lucianner Yvon Ubasa, Kai Renzo Vinoya.


Fagavai Hunkin, Troy Rosell, Abuch-Frannie Deng Garan, Anne Tichotsky, Edward Nelson, Cade Troutman, Raymond Blanco, Makayla Smith, Adelita Aholelei, Michael Winn, Loreign Mae Camantigue, Aryanna Sparks, Adrian Alquiza, Julio Gomez, Violet Bowie, Julian Alfred Ovod-Everett, Sara Hasipi, Jack Debenham, Dyaln Burkhart, Francis Gramse, Reed Bott, Payton Curtis, Nai Shelton-Books, Roy Posanka, Halatoagongo Saulaia, Pia Hazel, Fatou Shallah, Jamie Thorene, Charlotte Bittner, Bristol Tesch, Nicholas Coyoti, Danna Isabella Ordaz Macias


Paul Dittrich, Gariel Gamet, Alexa Geromino, Paulina Marshall, Kayla Box, Paul Rovira, Emma Ellison, Halatoaongo Saulala, Oliver Klieforth, Bianca gonzalex, Olivia Chichenoff, Kincaid Steeves-Little, Ximara Salazar, Kira Bold, Ababacar Merenah, Julio Gomez, Anthony Noriega- Reyes, Makayla Smith, Michael young, Nathan Wherley, Gioni Gull, Mia Gonzalez-Wakefiled, Daphnie Galang, Rogelio Mendoza, Lindsey Back, Victoria Compangone, Alleya Baltierrez, Michael Williams

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See you in 2021!!!