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Dear Tattoo Meister

My name is Aaron, I am 28, and i live in L.A, and I have lost of friend that have many problems with tattoos. Why don't tattoo artists use a more temporary ink it seems that it would be less trouble. And Why does a laser removal session take so long, it seems like it would take easier to do it all in one day. And Why does it take so long for the skin to recover?

Dear Tattoo Meister

Tattoo artist must use a permanent ink for the tattoo to withstand everything it goes through being on the skin.The reason laser removal sessions take so long is because you have to wait for the skin to heal due to the damage the laser does to erase the tattoo. Blasting the skin with Q-Switched lasers or injecting it with ink is a lot for the skin to endure and it must recover to stay healthy.


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