Come to our event!

Come to our event next two months !

Our special day is coming soon !

We will be having this most special event every year.This event is important to us that's why we are inviting you to come to this event to have some fun.

Party Kids and Adults

Friday, May 30th, 3-11pm

This is an online event.

This is a Kids and Adults Party.We will be having some activities and some fun games.We will also learn how to do the Cup Song and after you already know how to play the Cup Song we will record it and post it in youtube and we will make sure you get about 3.3k likes and more games and activities we will be having there so hope you came to this party and had some fun.


3-3.30 : Some light freshments.

3.30-5 :Some dancing party.

5-6.30 : Tea break or drinking break.

6.30-7 : Do some activities.

7-8 : Have some fun games and play fun and excited games.

8-9.30 : Drinking time/rest time

9.30-10 : Play bowling

10-10.30 : Eat at MacDonald

10.30-11 : Rest and Go home.

We are PartyPlanCo !

We are partyplanco and we always plan to do parties every month and every year.Every month we will be having difference activities and games.We We really do like and like planning for parties.