Mr. Danna's Pre-K Class (May 2014)

Our final Steps Toward Graduation!

Graduation is upon us!

As everyone knows Graduation is on Friday, May 23, 2014 at 12:15pm in the school cafeteria. Mrs. Hernandez has volunteered to spearhead the operation. We are asking that every family please bring some sort of food for the party in the classroom directly after graduation; Mrs. Hernandez or myself may be contacted via E-mail or phone if there are any questions. There will be a seperate Newsletter sent home with your children at a later date with more information specifically pertaining to this most special event.


As before, here is the link to website for the Pre-K TEKS.

Click ME to see the TEKS.

If the link does not work, below you will find the "Texas Education Agency - Texas Prekindergarten Guidlines.

What We Are Learning.

V.A.9. Child recognizes one-digit numerals, 0-9

Parents, it is my pleasure to inform you all that the children have been progressing very well and show no signs of slowing even as summer approaches.
This month:
1. For Math we will be finishing up our numbers and counting from zero to nine! All your children will have mastered this skill by Graduation.

2. This Wednesday (May 7, 2014) for Social Studies we will have the local Volunteer Fire Department bring their fire truck to school and the children will learn all about what it means to fight fires in the community.

3. For Reading / Language (as we are ahead in this subject) the children wanted to review and go further into the wonderful world of fantasy and tales of yore. During story time they will be learning some of the stories of Odin, Thor, Loki, Heimdall, and other northern myths. As well as beginning some work on the kindergarten level.
-Writing: The children will start making simple words such as 'a', 'I', 'an', 'and', and their names.

4. Science: It is almost time to let our butterflies out! The students have done so well in caring for their caterpillars and many of them have begun emerging from their cocoon; however we have some late bloomers. It is hard to tell at this time when we will be releasing them into the wild, however I will keep everyone posted.

We will begin using scales for each child and I will have weight vests so that the children can see that everyone weighs differently and the more mass (mass will be explained in class) someone has, the heavier they are on the Earth.


I would like to thank all of you for supporting your child's learning and the learning of the other children over the course of this past year, I could not have done it alone without all the hours of volunteer work everyone has put in. Your work truly shows up here in the classroom, on the faces of the children, and in their minds. Children are great imitators, and I would like to say that all the parents who contributed have given the children something great to imitate! Thank you for all you do.

Brithdays for the Merry Month of May

School Wide Activities

5th Grade Business Fair

The 5th Graders are having their annual business fair on Friday, May 9th, 2014. Here the the 5th Graders set up shop in their classrooms and students from other classes enter and browse then purchase things that they want with their school money (The Cougar Cash) that they have been earning all year. Parents make sure to tell your children to SPEND ALL their money as each year the currency is redesigned by the new 5th graders.

Note: Later grades have priority over those under them i.e. Pre-K will go to the fair after Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade has all had their turn.

5th Grade Business Fair Example

The below video is not our school, however this should give proper example of what a Business fair is, what it looks like, and what the students are expected to do.

Should your children stay at our school all the way to 5th grade each one will have their own booth.

Open for Business: Lower School Entrepreneur Fair