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Random Thoughts From Mrs. Summers This Week

Hello and Happy Wednesday Amazing Patriots,

Oh how we all miss your beautiful faces! We are quite literally counting the days until the sounds of your adorable voices fill the school halls again. I hope your summer break has been filled with giant ice cream on the bottom snowcones, slip and slides (hopefully more sliding than slipping), and experiencing the sheer joy of having no pesky alarm clock to have to answer to.

As we start getting ready to head into this new year, I can't begin to tell you how much excitement I am trying to wrestle and contain thinking about all of the learning and joy we are going to experience next year (for me, trying to contain my excitement is like trying to wrestle a popsicle away from a toddler that quietly snuck it out of the bottom drawer freezer and has no intention of surrendering the sugar peacefully!)

Some things I hope you are looking forward to are:

  • Getting to come into the library before and after school to spend some quality time with a favorite book, and our super sweet Librarians.
  • JH dances...(get excited and stayed tuned on how to earn a glow-in-the-dark dance when we raise our SRI scores.)
  • No lunches in classrooms!
  • Snack shack churros! (Come on... Who does not like snack shack churros?)
  • Getting to see everyone's whole face
  • Student Body Officer elections at the FIRST of the year
  • School dance team and sporting events where ALL fans can attend
  • Field Trips
  • Assemblies
  • Getting to see our Performing Arts groups perform IN PERSON!
  • Barcode scanners for QUICK PBIS points!
  • Getting to know all of the new students, and catching up with some familiar faces.
  • IB Community projects
  • Lockers!!!

The list could go on and on and on (like a parent goes on and on about " you know, back in my day...")! So Patriots, lace-up or retro velcro those sneakers, organize your backpacks, and get ready for a spectacular 2021-2022 school year!

As always Patriots...

You are loved!

Mrs. Summers

Mr. Hawkins

Mrs. Turley


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Dear Providence Hall Parents and Students,

Included in this email are the instructions to make online registration easy as well as some important attachments. Please read over everything carefully and don’t hesitate to contact our front office with any questions.

Thank you!

Awbree Summers- Principal

If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact one of our secretaries:

Edith Cutrer ( Habla Español

Jennifer Nelson (

JH Office Hours starting August 2: 9:00-2:00


  1. Login to your Skyward Family Access account: If you are a new family to PHJH, you will receive an email with your username and temporary password with the subject line "Family Access Account Information."
  2. There will be a tab that says 21-22 Online Registration & Information Update. Click this tab to begin. You need to complete the entire process for every child you will have enrolled at Providence Hall next year.
  3. Please complete each of the registration steps listed on the right side of the screen by clicking on the step or by clicking Next on the bottom of the screen.
  4. You will see a checkmark next to each step you have completed.
  5. On the final step, please click Submit Online Registration.
  6. You will receive a confirmation email when your registration is complete along with information about when your student’s schedule will be available on Skyward.
  7. Student lockers and combos can be viewed in August on Skyward by clicking on the Student Info tab and looking under the box labeled Providence Hall Junior High.
  8. All fee waivers must be turned into the office within 30 days of school starting (September 15). Fee waivers can be found in online registration or at Fee Waiver Applications.
  9. In order to view student schedules the following must be complete: Online registration, fees paid/fee waiver turned into front office, immunizations turned into Bree Ponce ( You will receive a date to view schedules once online registration is complete. Any scheduling questions should be sent to Kristin Adams (



  1. Inicio de sesión en tu cuenta "Skyward Family Access" : Si eres nuevo a la familia de PHJH, tu vas a recibir en tu correo electrónico con tu nombre de usuario y contraseña temporal con la línea de asunto "Family Access Account Information."
  2. Habrá una pestaña que dice 21-22 Online Registration & Information Update. Haga clic en esta pestaña para comenzar. Tu vas a necesitar completar todo el proceso para cada estudiante que va a estudiar con Providence Hall este año.
  3. Por Favor completa cada paso de registración que está ubicado en la derecha de la pantalla de su computadora, clic en el paso o clic "Next " en la parte inferior de la pantalla.
  4. Vas a ver una marca de verificación junto a cada paso que hayas completado.
  5. En el paso final, por favor clic "Submit Online Registration".
  6. Vas a recibir un correo electrónico cuando has completado cada registración junto con información sobre cuándo estará disponible el horario de tu estudiante en Skyward.
  7. Lockers para cada estudiante y combos se pueden ver en Agosto por Skyward cuando hacen clic donde dice "Student Info" pestaña y mirando debajo del cuadro etiquetado Providence Hall Junior High.
  8. Todas las exenciones de cuotas tienen que estar entregadas en la oficina no más de 30 días después de que empieza la escuela (Septiembre 15). Las exenciones de cuotas se pueden encontrar en línea cuando se complete la registración o clic Fee Waiver Applications.
  9. Para que puedan ver los de cada estudiante se tiene que completar lo siguiente: Registración en línea, entregar los papeles de exenciones de cuotas en la oficina de la escuela, inmunizaciones entregado a Bree Ponce ( Van a recibir un correo electrónico cuando terminen con todos los pasos de registración . Si tienen preguntas sobre las clases de su estudiante manden un correo electrónico a la Senorita Kristin Adams (

Si hablan español y tienen preguntas sobre su registración para sus estudiantes, recargo cualquiera de nuestras tres escuelas, por favor manda un correo electrónico a y te mando una respuesta lo antes posible.

Quick Registration Tutorial

Parent Power-Up: Online Registration 🖥✅

How To Load The Skyward App To Your Phone

Parent Power-Up: Downloading the Mobile App

How To Be a Grade Stalker (It is truly one of the best parts of parenting!)

Parent Power-Up: Checking Grades 📊

Fee Schedule and Waivers 2021-2022

To view the 2021-2022 Fee Schedule and Fee Waivers please click the link below.


Fee Waiver English

Fee Waiver Spanish

2021-2022 Fee Schedule

Mark Your Calendar Events

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Back to School Night 8/12/21 from 6:00-7:30

Patriots, would you like to walk the school and see your classrooms before the first day of school?

Would you like to see some old friends, or maybe make some new ones?

Would you like a cookie just for going in to see Mrs. Olsen in the cafeteria?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should gather up your crew, and come to our PHJH Back to School Night event. We will have punch cards that you can get stamped from different areas in the school, and be entered into a drawing for 50 PBIS points just for getting your completed punch card drawn out.

This is open house style, so don't feel like you have to rush from other schools. Just mosey on in anytime between 6:00-7:30.

PTO will be here as well, so don't miss your chance to get to know our new PTO leader Kim Crandall and possibly some other angelic PTO partners as well. (Hint...The PTO table is one of the places you will need to get your punch card stamped.)

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Student Wellness Corner

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A Word From Out School Nurse Mrs. Ponce (Immunizations Info)

**ALL 7th graders are required to receive their 7th-grade immunizations. They are the Tdap booster, the meningococcal vaccine, and to make sure 2 doses of the varicella, or chicken pox, vaccine have been received.

**Since I am out of the office for July, I will not be able to look immunizations up until after I return. Even then, with all the requests it will take some time. And they are due before school starts. It might be best to check with your doctor's office, as your student may not receive their schedule and/or be able to start classes without the updated immunizations. We will (and have in the past) had to pull students out of class on the first day for immunizations that are not up to date.

**If your 7th grader has had an exemption in the past, they WILL need a new exemption. When new vaccines are required, a new exemption is needed. This new exemption should now last through High School as there are no more required vaccines after the 7th-grade immunizations.

**Places to receive childhood vaccines include: the Health Department, your doctor's office, any local pharmacy (ie, Walmart, Walgreen's, Harmon's, Smith's, etc), or CNS (Community Nursing Services - they have immunizations clinic's throughout the summer but they do fill up quickly).

**ALL new students are required to turn in a copy of their immunization record. Please know that it may take some time for me to go through these records. Here is what is required:


*5 doses of the DT or dTap vaccine series

*4 doses of the Polio vaccine

*2 doses of the MMR vaccine

*3 doses of Hepatitis B vaccine

*2 doses of the Hepatis A vaccine

*2 doses of the Varicella (chicken pox) vaccine

FOR 7th-12th GRADERS:

*all of the above listed under 6th graders, plus

*1 dose of the Tdap booster

*1 dose of the Meningococcal vaccine

Meet Counseling and Registrar Department

Nutrition Services

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The Nutrition Department is excited to share a few key items for next year:

We are looking forward to being able to serve free meals to all students for the upcoming school year. These meals are being supplied through the Seamless Summer Program. Students will be able to receive one free breakfast and one free lunch a day. Any additional meals are available at a cost in addition to a la carte items.

We ask that all families, please, continue to fill out Free/ Reduced Meal applications because federal programs are based on Free/ Reduced percentages. Free/ Reduced Meal applications are available in Skyward.

When you go to the Mealviewer website you will need to choose your school and create a profile.

You can access our new online menu platform in multiple ways.

District Web Link

Digital Suite iOS App Download Link

Digital Suite Android App Download Link


Junior High School Digital Suite Web Link

Parents, we do ask that you continue to help your student(s) to bring their school ID's daily so we can continue to have touchless points of sale during meal times.

PTO Rockstars

Patriots...Did You Know There Are So Many Traditional and Nontraditional Ways To Work With Our PTO?

The PTO would love your help as little or as much as you can give!

It does not matter if you are new to the schools or have been around a while and have not participated. All help is welcome and desperately needed!

It does not need to be a lot and we all understand how parents are busy and often work. If you have any thoughts of being willing to do something please fill out the following document.

2021/22 JH Volunteer Interest Form - Google Forms

Thank You- Kim Crandall

PHJH PTO President

Want To Know a Super Easy Way To Help PHJH Get Some Extra Cash?

Did you know you can help the schools earn money while little to no effort doing what you normally do? Through the Amazon Smile program and the Smith"s Inspiring Donations program the companies give the schools a portion of what you spend. It all adds up! Signing up is quick and easy and only needs to be done once but the funds are used for the benefit of all three campuses. Please check out the information below.
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