Western Frontier

By Alyssa Morse

Value of Life

Throughout history there has been a cost of enlarging a nation, but did that make any effect on the value of human life? In the mid-1800’s there was a tribe of Indians named the Sioux Tribe. They owned many, many acres of the Black Hills. The Indians has owned that land for a very long time and they used it for hunting and living with such a big tribe. It was the Indians home until the whites came in. The whites had wanted that land that the Indians owned and had made plenty of offered as much as giving them $1.25 per acre. The Indians refused on giving away their land because they have settled there first. The whites wanted that land very bad because it had tons and tons of gold and they could make their railroads on that land to transport goods. The indians didn’t know about that tons of gold in the Black Hills.

When having the whites wanting all of those acres so bad and the indians refusing, it caused them to start a battle. The battle was called the Battle at Bighorn and ended up leading the whites to victory and the Indians had to leave their land. They moved forward to go to Canada and live there with some restrictions, like not being able to fight on their lands or the tribe would not be allowed to live there anymore. Most of the Indians were dying from sickness and hunger. The whites were trying to expand their nation and make all the Indians be part of that nation and live how they live. For example, a man named Charles Eastman had been part of the Sioux Tribe when he was little. His father came for him and brought him to an all white school. He had to change his name and his beliefs to be like the whites. They were being forced out of their home lands to be part of the white culture and cut their hair.

The whites had made and passed a bill to divide each reservation by 160 acres for each man and would sell the assess land left to the white settlers. Senator Henry Dawes returned back at the Sioux tribe for a new offer which was, one dollar and twenty-five cents per acre. Chief Sitting Bull and Chief Red Cloud both disagreed to sign the paper and by not signing the paper neither did anyone else. After refusing to sign the paper Chief Sitting Bull was shot and a battle had begun. White men had came in and tried to take weapons from all of the Indians, they even tried to take them from a deaf man but he did not understand what they were saying so they started shooting. The whites were trying to shoot all the Indians and the Indians tried to fight back. The whites left leaving with almost all the Indians dead.

After almost all the Indians died, so did their culture. It no longer was able to be continued with no one left to live it. The whites had got their land they had been fighting over and continued in their lives. Charles Eastman was there at the time of the war that went on and he was trying to help the people that got injured because he was a doctor. Charles went back home and he had a job already waiting for him. It was a job for renaming every indian and turning them into the white agriculture. Charles refused to take the job because he remembered when he was a child how bad they changed him and took him out of his home. He didn’t want this to happen to any other Indian and he wanted them to keep living how they want. So, the question “Throughout history has the cost of enlarging a nation overridden the value of human life?” Yes, for example, when the whites wanted to expand their land and make everyone the same, the effect was that many Indians lost their land and died. The whites took their advantage and got the land they wanted and not caring or thinking about the value of human life they just took away.

The Black Hill incident is alike to the crisis between Russia and Syria. Where Russian’s wanted to have land from Syria. They didn’t think or care about the fact of taking away human life just so they could have Syria’s land. This is really similar to the Black Hill incident because the whites had wanted the Indians land and because of wanting to get it really bad they went all out into a battle which ended which lots of dead Indians. Both fights are alike to each other because the other side did not think of the effect that would happen if they did try to expand their nation and not care about the value of life. The crisis between Syria and Russia killed over 220,000 people (Crisis).

The Sioux Tribe

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The Battle Between the Sioux and the Whites

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