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Murder in Salinas Valley: How I Saw It

Murder in Salinas Valley: How I Saw It (George)

"I never really thought he had done this. He was a nice guy.But I had to.Because if he lived he would had to live like it was hell on earth.I did it for the best. Lennie Small was my best friend, and the poor guy's gone.(along with my dreams)",said George Milton, a very good friend of Lennie's."He was a really nice guy. He never done nothing to be mean. He just stupid, is all.It all started when the allegedly "raped a girl",but he didn't really.Dumb guy just wanted to feel her velvet style dress is all.Then when she started screaming poor ******* just didn't know what to do and froze.Poor guy had to go through that, so we ran into here Salinas Valley.Just got a job until Lennie liked this married gal named Agatha.I told him 'stay away from her, she's married',he listened till that day. That day she,the puppy,and he died".And that was how Lennie's closest family he has that's alive put it.

Murder in Salinas Valley: How I Saw it (Curley)

"That crazy ******* had to die. He killed my WIFE!He was so stupid AND he broke my hand! What an idiot, and I didn't even get to shoot him meself. I is disgusted, I is mad, I is really mad and hope that he rots." Said Curley, who was an nemesis of Lennie."Why I think he started flirtin with my wife , just to kill her.That dumb guy was useless and he broke my hand.I bet he was jealous of what me and Agatha had and then he broke my hand.This is why I hate dem big guys,they think they are tough .Lennie was that type of guy I bet."Curley said, and then concluded."Lennie was a terrible mental guy he killed me wife, a pup and such and I didn't even get to kill him. I didn't get to shoot him.He broke my hand and my wife's neck.So to tell yall Curley was a punk that was tryin to kill people."People said he ain't done it for mean but he was mean",Curley was an enemy of Lennie and he didn't like Lennie at all.
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Dear former Boss,

Listen up old man WE ARE DONE.After multiple deaths of our fellow friends, most of us are leaving.We are now your former workers. Not only have we had better paying work after leaving you we don't have to put up with Curley.

Putting up with Curley is terrible. That little guy thinks we can't beat him up but we all can. He's all up in our face tryin to fight.And Slim don't like it at all.

So boss, kick Curley out, give us more doe or else we leave.Or else we stand along our friend George and leave out of this place


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