Kelci Marion

Rio de Janeiro

airfare cost and schedule

The cost for two people would be $3414 plus $50 for food purchase.

I am leaving Denver im stopping off in Dallas, Texas. Then ill arive in RIo de Janeiro - Brazil.


The hotel that they will be staying is called Orla Copcabane Hotel. I will be staying there for two weeks, so the cost will be $259 a night for a Deluxe Room, with a Ocean view. the total for the hole trip is $4493.,Rio-de-Janeiro,Brazil-c24146-h23465-details/2014-04-15/2014-04-30/2guests/expanded/#overview


I am going to go to the spa for the day. The day services are from 7 am - 5 pm, Evening spa services are from 6 pm-9pm. I will be in there for at lest 2 hours. i will enjoy the sounds of rio. The music never stops.

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

i dont know how to speak spanish so i need to learn spainsh before I go to Rio. There is also one more problem its losing my luggage. if i lose my loggage i will have to go to the ticket booth where you get your ticklets to get on the palin and where you check you luggages in and ask t hem if they could track or look for your luggage. You should all ways make sure that your at the right air plain name that you flyed on and wait to see if you bags come out or go check other luggage things.


This trip would be a really fun, exciteding trip. you have so many different things to do but i would like to got to spa. They have really nice hotels there , i picked to stay in the Orla Copcabane Hotel for two weeks. The plain tickets for two people will be $3414 puls $50 for food purchase, I will leavae Denver, go to Dallas, Texas, then arive in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. There would besome problems like not being able to understand people cause most peopel there speak spanish, and what if i lose my luggages? But this is my trip and I think its going to be really fun. Im excited!!!!