Life of Pi



The main characters in Life of Pi are Pi Patel and the tiger. Pi Patel is a sixteen year old man. Also he joins a cargo ship. The tiger is a 450-pound Royal Bengal Tiger. The book never talk about is age. Pi and the tiger were one of the only of the five survivors after the ship crashes.

The settings are cargo ship. After the cargo ship sinks, the setting takes place at the Pacific Ocean. After a lifeboat goes to an island, the setting takes place on an island. Last the setting takes place at a hospital.

After a cargo ship sinks Pi, the tiger, a hyena, a wounded zebra, and an orangutan went to a life boat. Pi and the tiger fought for a little while. In the middle of the Pacific Ocean they can’t decide which story is true and neither is relevant to the reasons behind the shipwreck, they choose the story with the animals. Pi thanks them and says, "And so it goes with God.”

I think this story is tremendous. I say Pi would be one of the luckiest people on Earth. Also him being getting along with a tiger was my favorite scene in the novel. That is why I love this story. All because Pi lived 227 days at sea and he gets along with a tiger.

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