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"2013 The Year of Transformation"

Special Fathers Day Edition

Week of June 16th-June 22nd

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Happy Fathers Day To All Daddys!

C.I.C.A.N Proudly and Lovingly Honors Bishop Rick Williams Sr Our Spiritual Father, "Happy Fathers Day!"

A Few of the Many Great Lessons Bishop Has Taught Us Is That, "Theres No Law Against Love," & "Honor Gives You Access."

Sunday Service: Sermon Entitled, "My Fathers House: Its Time To Go See Daddy" by Bishop Rick Williams Sr

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Scripture References: Luke 15 1-33; John 14

If you want to know a father, you must watch those that are doing it.

Fathers perceive what you are going through.

In Luke, the father had two sons. One son came saying he was ready to go out and "experience" the world. He wanted to do his own thing.

In fathers house are many conveniences. Once you go out of his house, you have other things to worry about.

You will begin to have many friends when you get money. You will want to buy things such as clothes, cars etc.

When people see you with things, its an indication to them that you have money or good credit.

You will stick out like a sore thumb if you go to a place that does not have a lot of money. They will try to get you!

The son was out partying hard! He had no rules to follow.

In fathers house there are rules. We don't want to follow his rules so we want to leave his house so we can be free.

Jesus spoke these parables as an example because of his acceptance with the tax collectors, crooks etc.

The kingdom of God works in reverse. Jesus hung around those who didnt know him.

Jesus came to save those that were lost.

The bible says to love those that have nothing but to not even eat with a brother that's fornicating. We that are his SHOULD know better.

He warned those that made the accusations and said you don't leave the one for the 99.

Sometimes we want to go tell God "I want to do it my way!"

The son left his fathers son and ended up with the pigs eating scraps.

A good daddy is going to look out for you but when we come of age we think we know best.

A lot of times we get so big we tell God, 'I'm not gonna stop doing this, since I cant do this in your house, I'm going out to explore and do what I got to do.

Father said he has prepared a place for him. "Where God guides, you have preparations but we wanna be a pioneer or the Lone Ranger!"

There Is safety in Gods House!

We sometimes make decisions based on now not the future. We don't really know what will happen. Things CAN change!

In Your Fathers House There Is Preparation!

Fathers house the son realized there would be trials and tribulations. Father already has a plan for that!

You cant control whats going on around you.

Everything we see came from dirt or raw material. Everything we have is in the ground but we leave real to go to unreal.

You may be saying I don't have a daddy. God is looking for men and women that when others see you, they see the Father in you.

In fathers house there is safety and security.

When you get into a relationship with father God, you begin to act, smell like him. You begin to do the things he does.

Jesus said, "I and the father are one!"

The Spirit of God will lead you to all truth. He will not leave you comfortless.

The Lord is saying, "It is Time To Come Home To Daddy!"

If you are lost and partaking of things the father did not prepare for you, you can still come home.

Father has what you need but not always what you want.

Dads can say what others wont. If you go away chasing dreams, you can come back home to Father God, daddy.

You do not have to keep going through what you are going through, "Come Home to Daddy!"

Wow! There are more notes on this sermon but I must stop to save some for you when you purchase your copy! What a powerful and healing word from Bishop Williams! If you would like to order a copy of " My Fathers House, Its Time To Go See Daddy," please visit the C.I.C.A.N Bookstore or call to order your copy today.

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On Sunday, June 30th, we will be honoring Bishop Williams as he celebrates his birthday! Shh, lets show some love!

Happy Birthday To All Born In Month of June

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On the behalf of Bishop and Pastor Williams, you are invited to attend any of our weekly services! "Come just as you are!"

Special thanks and appreciation for the faithfulness of all C.I.C.A.N congregants, family and friends that support this ministry. "May God never forget your labors of love!"

Remember, "There Is No Law Against Love!"

In His Presence,

The Chronicler, Shawanda "Shay" Anthony

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