Iowan Meatpacking Celebration

Come Join Us!

Food that will be served

Smoked chicken legs, turkey meatloaf, spicy three-meat chili, shaking beef, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, fruits and desserts. There will be soda, water, juices and much more.


Saturday, March 12th 2016 at 1:30-10pm

Reinbeck, IA, United States

Reinbeck, IA

Bring you're own food, dessert and drinks to place at the buffet! Bring your friends, neighbors and family. Learn everything about the meatpacking industry!

For kids and adults

There are going to be lessons about the meatpacking industry history. Kids, adults and families can come together and learn more about Iowa's meat products and packaging. How the factories work and how they became to be. There will also be animals people can come and admire. There are many hands on activities that the kids and parents will all enjoy!


Pig blackboards, large wooden cows and meat producing animals. Old butcher shop with pictures and short movie slide.

Why we celebrate

We celebrate this event because we honor the people who made us the meat, who made freezers and coolers so we could store the meat and the people who package up the meat so we could have healthy food. Thanks to William Patterson for being a farmer and also finally trading goods for meat and pigs.