FC Junior High Journal

August 31, 2020

Franklin Central Junior High

Mrs. Catherine Whitson - Principal

Mrs. Elizabeth Crumble-Graham - Assistant Principal (Curriculum & Instruction)

Mr. Courtney Scott - Assistant Principal (School Environment) & (A-F)

Ms. Danielle Zink - Counselor (A-F)

Ms. Margaret McGrann - Guidance Director & Counselor (G-N)

Ms. Jessica Addy - Dean (G-N)

Ms. Anna Sutter - Guidance Counselor (O-Z)

Mr. Steve Douglas - Dean (O-Z)

Open - Home/School Liaison

Mr. Jacob Smalley - Athletic Director

Ms. Andrea Zappia - Athletic Director

OFFICE HOURS: Monday - Friday 7:30am to 3:30pm

ATTENDANCE LINE: 317-803-8190



9-4: eLearning Day

9-7: Labor Day: No School

9-11: BOY ClearSight (Formally AIRWays) District Formative Assessments (More Information to Come!)

Principal Message

eLearning Day

September 4th marks our next eLearning Day.

  • Teachers will have assignments ready via Canvas by 9am for all hybrid learners in Cohort 1 and Cohort 2.
  • Teachers will be available from 9am-11 for office hours for any students needing support with their eLearning assignments.


Attendance Reminder

Remember to all learners: take Attendance EVERY AT HOME LEARNING DAY!!!!


How to use Infinite Campus to Check in for Attendance

Here is a video of a HOW TO GUIDE for our new Infinite Campus Attendance Button. STARTS August 17th as the only form you use when you are AT HOME to submit attendance!

2019-2020 East Yearbooks

From Mr. Roets (former East Yearbook sponsor)

Parents, please know that due to some production concerns and COVID-related issues, Lifetouch is behind in their processing and ours will be printed soon and as soon as they're delivered I will get them out to families. Former 8th graders will have their books delivered to the high school.Any additional questions or concerns please contact andrew.roets@ftcsc.org

Ground Breaking

It is an exciting time at FCJH! Ground has finally broke on our new Academic Wing. In addition to the academic wing pictured below we will be adding space to our Performing Arts wing as well. We will periodically update you on the progress through pictures.
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How can I support my child with at home learning?

This week teachers reached out to parents about student missing assignments. Hybrid learning is new to both students and teachers and it is important to recognize both sides are going to learn and grow with this experience. Now that we have all settled into this new normal, learning at-home has naturally become more significant so we can ensure students are prepared for the next steps in their education. I realize this will come with growing pains on both sides and I am confident that we can work together to achieve success with each student. FTCSC has a tradition of excellent schools with high student achievement and I am confident we will continue this even though none of use expected our learning to be split between home and school.

Over the past week, several parents have asked how they can support learning at home. Here are few items that maybe helpful:

  • Get a Parent Canvas Observer Account
  • Ask your child to log in and then you can scroll through and view on the left side either "assignments" or "grades" and you can see what has been submitted, graded, and what is missing. Please note: you need to view your child's actual grade in Infinite Campus.
  • Encourage your child to participate in weekly office hours with their teacher. Each teacher has communicated those office hours on their Canvas pages. This is a set time during the week to get help.
  • Students should be participating every Friday in Q & A sessions that the teacher is setting up for them. Some of these are through discussion boards and some are through Zoom. They follow their regular school schedule for their times to participate.
  • Students can also email their teachers. All teacher emails can be found on our school website fcjh.ftcsc.org/staff/.

Together we will get through this, #weareflashes

CANVAS TIP - Cleaning the Dashboard

If you have courses you don't use on your Canvas Dashboard, watch this video to learn how to remove those courses which will clean up your dashboard.

Homework Link for Hybrid Absent Students

When absent from in-person school please follow this guide


We want to see you working!

Online-only learners, we want to see you working! Please send school appropriate pictures of you learning at home to elizabeth.dewyse@ftcsc.org. In the email share a little bit about your at home classroom. We miss you and want to see your smiling faces!

We are watching your progress and you are doing awesome, keep up the great work!

Attendance Reminder!!!

Be sure to log into Infinite Campus to take attendance each morning Click the check-in arrow under your picture on the homepage. Finally, you will click the button indication you are in attendance.
Online-Only Learners Facilitator Team and FAQ

ONLINE-ONLY Learners - click here for your facilitator team information and responses to frequently asked questions about the Edmentum program.

Online Learners Tips for Success

As we are learning this process, we will add different tips to help our students be successful.


Don't forget to bring your device CHARGED everyday of school!!

Keep your charging cord in your backpack for easy access in case you need it. If you have an issue with your device, please use the following link to turn in a Cyberflash Ticket and get some help.

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Cyber Flashes HelpDesk Ticket

STUDENTS - click here is you need to report an issue with your device. Once submitted our Cyber Flash Team will be in touch with the next steps to provide you with support.


Yearbooks are available to purchase in the bookstore this week. The bookstore is open every morning before school. Softcover books cost $20 (there are no hardcover books available.) Cash or checks made out to FCJH will be accepted.

Language Arts Teachers Want You To Enjoy Your Week!!

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Robotics Club: Meeting in the Media Center: Pick up at 4:30 PM


Robotics Club: Meeting in the Media Center: Pick up at 4:30 PM


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Ms. Phelp's Class

Students are entrepreneurs and have started a food truck business this week! They are working on their marketing strategies and will create their menus in MS Word next week!

Mrs. Hippleheuser's Science Class

Students are working hard on their Rock Identification Lab.

Mrs. Shiflet's Engineering Technology

The 7th grade Engineering Technology classes are showing how well they can build prototypes by creating a 3D scale model of their theme park ride they designed in class. The images below show their work in progress, next week we will have finished projects!

Mrs. Gaffin's Art Class

8th grade graffiti tag project, and 7th graders working on facial proportions.

Mrs. Irwin and Mrs. Morgan Team Up For A Rockin Lab!


SEDIMENTARY - made of SEDIMENTS (bits and pieces)

that get COMPACTED/CEMENTED together


IGNEOUS ROCK - under extreme heat, MELT into MAGMA - if they cool quickly OUTSIDE the crust of the earth, they are EXTRUSIVE Igneous. If they cool quickly under the crust of the earth, they are INTRUSIVE Igneous rock.

Our final product was EXTRUSIVE IGNEOUS ROCK

Mrs. Pagryzinski's Choir Class

Choir students reviewed their rhythms with some stations this week!

Mrs. Whitaker and Mr. Sweetman's Wellness Class

Check out these ball handling skills.

Mrs. Robert's Computer Science Class

The students are doing an unplugged activity to teach the problem solving process. Period 1 did the newspaper table building challenge, and period 3 (A-K cohort) did the aluminum boat challenge.

Project Lead The Way: Automation and Robotics

Mrs. VanBlarcum's class is off to an amazing start, building simple mechanisms.
IDOE's Guidance on Face Coverings

Per Marion County Health Department students will be wearing face coverings at FCJH. Please review the guidance IDOE put out. Has great tips for students and parents!

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Click here for the August edition of Counselor's Corner

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FCJH Health Services - Notes from our Nurses

School Clinic Information

Please click the following link for important information from our school nurses. Screening your child, health forms, medication forms, clinic info. It's all HERE!

Parent Screening Guide

ISDH and the CDC provided new guidelines on parent screening for COVID. Please make sure you read through this document and keep your child home when applicable. Report absences to our attendance line @ 317.803.8190 within 24 hours of absence.

COVID-19: When a student can return to school

ISDH and CDC updated guidance on When a student can return to school. Please review this and make sure to keep your child home when applicable. Report absences to our attendance line @ 317.803.8190 within 24 hours of absence.


Fall Sports Ticketing/Safety

Flashes Gear: Team Store #2

click here to order your Flashes Gear!

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Athletic Update: Tennis Teams Are Winning Big!

The Flashes had a dominating performance beating Decatur Middle School 5-0.

Varsity Scores:

1 Singles: Brendan Engel defeated his opponent 7-6 (7-2)

2 Singles: Ethan Walters defeated his opponent 8-0

3 Singles: Ethan Rakaska defeated his opponent 8-1

1 Doubles: Jordan Anness and Blake Stevens won 8-0

2 Doubles: default by Decatur

Exhibition matches:

Damian Tejada and Jonathan Tejada won 6-0

Braden Manning won 6-0

Caiden McGail won 6-2

Malachi Wohlhieter won 6-0

Nick Hulskotter and Supragya Singh won 6-1

The Flashes tennis team is currently 2-0.


Miss Marie Kegley

8th Grade Math/ Algebra 1 Teacher

Boy's and Girls Tennis Coach

Franklin Township Junior High

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