Hip Hip Hooray!

Mrs. Hensler's First Grade

May 4th - 8th


May 7th - 15th - DCES & St. Elizabeth Healthcare FOOD DRIVE

***May 8th - Spirit day - Tie-Dye DAY!***

Pond Day - May 14th

We would love chaperons to join in on the fishing. All chaperons must be on the volunteer list. Let me know if you are interested! Thanks!

Hollywood Ending - It's a Wrap: PARENT OPEN HOUSE

May 14th - 4:00-6:00

(More information will be sent home soon! I look forward to seeing you all!)

May 21st - Basketball Jones Convocation

May 22nd - Goal Movie and Incentive Party


Monday - Reading

Tuesday - Reading / Math Practice

Wednesday - Reading Hi! Fly Guy / Math Practice

Thursday - Reading / Math Practice

Friday - Reading


Journeys Text of the Week: Hi! Fly Guy

Skill - Understanding Characters

Phonics - Suffixes - ful, - ly, -y / Long Vowel Spelling Patterns

Grammar - Adverbs

Words to Know - caught / thought / beautiful / took / minute / friendship / listen / idea

Spelling - Suffixes: sad / sadly / slow / slowly / dust / dusty / trick / tricky / help / helpful ***Bonus Words*** beautiful / thoughtfully / disguised


Topic 14 - Using Data to Answer Questions

Practice Using...

- Picture Graphs

- Real Graphs

- Bar Graphs

- Tally Charts

*Hensler's Hints*

***Graph your families favorite things (such as sports, animals, or season) Bring in to share with the class for a Delphi $!

***Make a list of characters you have read from books.

***Write spelling words along with other words using suffixes. Bring in for a token!