Cubic Function

Amber Muckenfuss

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y = a(xh)^3 + k

Function Form:

Any function in the form shown in the picture above is referred to as a cubic function.

Graphing a cubic function:

Changing the value of

A: changes the steepness of "s" curve, wider or skinnier.

B: alters the curve of the graph.

C: changes the slope.

D: moves the graph up and down, the y-intercept.

K: up or down.
H: right or left.

A:< 0, the graph is flipped.

Try out altering the A, B, C, D values and what happens to the graph, yourself by clicking the link below!

Domain & Range:

Because the graph of a cubic function extends down and up forever and to the left and right forever, the domain and range for any cubic function are always all real numbers.