Digestion & Absorption

By: Eric, Ashley, and Sierra

Function of the Nutrient

When you eat food your body breaks it down for nutrients. This is called digestion. Absorption is when your body absorbs the nutrients and makes it part of your body.
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The Mechanical and Chemical Phases

There are two phases involved in the digestive process. The mechanical phase starts in the mouth, where the teeth break the food down into smaller pieces. Then with waves of contractions known as peristalsis, the muscular walls push food through the digestive tract.

Like the mechanical phase, the chemical phase starts in the mouth as you chew, the food is mixed with saliva, the saliva makes the food softer so it can move down the esophagus, into the stomach. The stomach contains gastric juices, these juices break down food further.

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The Absorption Process

The body can absorb things like water, ethyl alcohol and simple sugars directly from the stomach. They then go through the stomach walls and into the bloodstream. The absorption takes place in the small intestine. The body absorbs nearly all carbohydrates like single sugar units. The body absorbs nearly all proteins as amino acids.