Body image

Eating disorders

My definition of body image

Body image is the way you see yourself good or bad , a good body image is were youre happy about the way you look . A negative body image is were you are not satisfied with the way you look

How body images are shaped and how to avoid judging others

Body images are shaped based on the media and how most people view the media.

We can avoid judging others by just ignoring their body image .

10 Facts about eating disorders

1. An eating disorder is an illness where there is an unhealthy relationship with food.

2. There's three main eating disorders which are anorexia , Nervosa, and bulimia nervosa.

3.Each type of an eating disorders as many possible causes like it could be genetic or just come from stress .

4. About 24 million people in the U.S have an eating disorder almost 50% of these people have depression in their life .

5. Only 10% of people with eating disorders receive treatment .

6. 91% of women admitted to controlling their weight through a diet .

7. More than 50% of young women and 30% of young men admit to using an unhealthy method to control their weight.

8. 69% of women ages 10-18 say that photo's of models, celebrities, and people from magazines inspired their body shape.

9. Eating disorder's will not go away without a treatment.

10. Men makeup 10-15% of the population with anorexia but are less likely to seek help.

5 steps to improve body image

1. Just appreciate what your body can do .

2. keep a list of things you like about yourself that does not have to deal with your weight and add to it has you become more positive about yourself.

3. Do not surround yourself with negative people .

4. Ignore the negative voices in your head .

5. Do something nice for your body like rest outside or take a nap .

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Thinks out side the box

Ignore what others say and don't think negative about yourself