Tips To Save Money

When You Are Travelling To India

The best thing about India is that one can travel as lavishly and cheaply as one wants. But there are even a number of ways for you to make your trip to India a little less costly. These are a few tips for you to make your trip cheaper.

1) Travel During Off Season

If you plan your trip to India before or after the tourist season in India, then you have a lot of chances of saving money on your trip to this country. During that time you might be able to afford a stay at one of the five star hotels in the country, which would have been way out of your budget otherwise. Usually the peak season runs from the month of October to the month of March in India. However, it may differ if you are travelling to the mountains, when winters are avoided and summers are the best time to visit. Vacation in India gets quite expensive when you are travelling during the festival season, i.e. during Diwali, Christmas and New Year Holidays. One might get good deals during the month of April and September, when one can avoid the heat and the monsoon.

2) Book Your Flights in Advance

One might wonder that they would get a good deal if they plan a last minute trip in India. But unfortunately this is not the case in India. Most of the domestic airline companies offer great discounts on your India vacations if you book your tickets in advance. The structure of fares is such that they keep rising closer to the date you wish to depart. So if you are going to book a last minute ticket, you might have to pay double the amount compared to if you booked your ticket a month back.

3) Take a Midday Flight

Of course it may be less convenient to travel in the middle of the day as the whole day would get wasted. But you may find a greater availability of flights that are cheaper than that of morning or late night flights. This is because business travelers usually prefer early morning or evening flights, which results in the increase in demand of the prices.

4) Select a Holiday Package

One might consider a holiday package rather than travelling all by you without a trip guide. Tour agents get the best deals out from the hotels and the flights expenses also gets reduced significantly. One can usually save up to 30% of the cost of booking flights and hotels separately.

5) Go for the Train

Without a doubt the best way to travel in India is through a train. This will also not become heavy on your pockets and you can see the real face of the country.

6) Cut the Cost of Meals

If you thinking of eating in the hotels, be prepared to shell a lot of money for it as the meals in the hotels are quite expensive. Now a day’s many five star hotels provide complimentary buffet breakfasts which are good for the budget and the stomach as well.


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