First Grade News

Miss Farney's Helpful Hints & Classroom Announcements

April 14th - April 18th

This week we will be continuing our Wonderful Worms - Inquiry Science Unit. I will be introducing a Worm Observation Station and a Compost Bin to our class! Students will begin learning about the importance of worms and how to compost. This unit will be interdisciplinary and will cover many subjects such as; Reading, Writing, Language Arts, Science, and Math. I feel like this unit will be the perfect addition to our school day with the extended time we have been granted. Please continue to encourage your students to share with you what they are learning in school!

This Week's Lessons


  • Directions
  • Adjectives that compare
  • Cause & Effect
  • Predict & Set Purpose


  • Patterns of the week - Suffixes: "ly" and "ful"
  • High Frequency Words: across, because, dance, only, opened, shoes, told

Amazing Words

  1. discover
  2. resident
  3. admire
  4. substantial
  5. dwell
  6. welcome
  7. sadness
  8. tremendous


  • Saxon Lessons
  • Calendar
  • Think Math
  • 50 in a Minute
  • Accelerated Math
  • Today's Number


Reading Logs are due on Friday

Tic-Tac-Toe Spelling due on Friday


Vacation: No School on Friday April 18th. Enjoy your LONG weekend!

Report Cards: Please Return Your Child's Signed Report Card Envelope ASAP.

Miss Farney

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to contact me! Thank You for being involved in your child's education.