Earth- The place to be


Why buy Earth?

Interior- Wonderful density of 5520 kg per cubic meter. Earth's interior is made up of three layers; crust (outer), mantle (middle), and core (liquid and solid center). You can learn more about the interior of the core by studying P waves and S waves thats how the "humans" (inhabitants of the Earth) figured it out. This interior of the Earth is crucial for supporting life on Earth because it traps in and provides a dense surface to bring up vegetation and water as well as an area for inhabitants on top of it all.

Plate tectonics- At the very core of your new planet is a fascinating movement caused by plate tectonics. It has been discovered that all of the continents were once together and over time have drifted apart through shifting of the plates. The dozen tectonic plates are shifting and rubbing against each other that may cause Earthquakes and other natural evidence of the work going on underground. WHAT A PLANET. Plate tectonics help life on Earth by the shifting creating water as boundaries between continents and the creation of volcanic lava.

Earth’s atmosphere- Scientists are guessing that the atmosphere goes up in the sky around the Earth for about 100-150 km above the surface containing 78% nitrogen and 20% oxygen by volume. The troposphere is the 75% (highest mass) that is 11 km from the surface and this is where all the weather occurs! (HOW FUN) The atmosphere is very important to life on Earth creating an area for seasons in the troposphere to sustain plant, animal, and human life on Earth.

Lastly Earth’s magnetic field- There are poles on the Earth that are magnetic and help to differ between North and South. Through charged particles and a strength go 0.3-0.7 gauss. The magnetic field for life on Earth stimulates the connection altogether and keeps the Earth in balance with the universe and inhabitants.

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