Jessie Haas

Title and Date

The book was Chase and it was published in 2007
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This book won Georgia's Children's book award Master List 2010 and the author has also won the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award Master List (Vermont) and New Mexico Land of Enchantment Award Master List.
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I don't mind admitting i have my doubts (Haas 58).

This shows that Phin is not always confident and all knowing in what is happening around him.

Everything before and since, all in a flash not seen but felt (Haas 193).

It had happened so quickly that he could not see it but only fell it showing how quickly everything could change.

A body stretched out of the forest floor, no threat to anybody (Haas 240).

He describes plume as a harmless figure even though he has a gun pointed at his chest as if he was a part of nature its self.

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Conflict, Main Point, Resolution.

Phin Chase witnesses a murdur by a group called the sleepers and is being accused of it and they try to chase him down to kill him because he hs the leaders wallet with money and a paper worth six mans lives. In the end he burns the paper without reading it and Blume who is the leader lets him leave a live with the money too.
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Historical references

In the book it quotes that it was in 1875 when he saw dead men.

That is just after the civil war that ended in 1865.

In the book it is focused on horses and that means it has to be in the old times which is the mid 1800s.

There are coal towns in the book so that says the book is old too.

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I think this book was very easy to read and i would recommend this book to someone if they want a easy to read book.