Say No To Random Locker Searches

Jordyn B.

Did You Know!

Schools took a national survey and 55% of schools choose they don't do random locker searches or they think its a bad idea!

So Many Cons To Random Locker Searches

do you have a warrant?

  • staff members cant check students locker
  • the 4th government clealy states you have to have a warrant to check students locker

Waste of time !

  • No time Between classes
  • students aren't suppose to have drugs,alcohol and fire armed and at home
  • Students already don't have enough time to prepare for the next class

Not useful

  • Cameras all around the school
  • The punishment of bringing drugs,alcohol and fire armed weapons
  • Iss or OSS or both

I personally think that random locker searches are a waste of time and money

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Veronica Mars: Locker Searches-This is a little embarrassing