Cliff's Science Smore

Introduction to Science 6

The introduction to Science 6 taught us how to use different scientific tools, like metric rulers and microscopes. First, we learned how to use a triple beam balance, which is a tool used to measure the mass of objects. We weighed different objects, like a tennis ball, a pencil, and a ruler. We also measured the length of different objects using a metric ruler, including ourselves. Then, we learned how to operate a microscope using the fine and coarse adjustment knobs. Next, Mr Shafer taught us how longitude, latitude, and scales worked.

My favorite activity

My favorite activity was learning how to use a microscope because we got to see some

Introduction to Me

I was born in Southern California in 2004, and have lived in the same house my entire life. I am an only child, with no pets. My favorite month is October. I'm in sixth grade. My favorite subjects are science and math. I love playing basketball and I go to practice every week. My favorite pet would probably be a dog.

My Favorite Lab

My favorite activity was looking through the microscope at the salt crystals, and learning how to use a microscope, because I've never used microscopes before in my life.