All love is equal

By Julia Rocano

Same-sex marriage is a civil right

The 1967 Supreme Court case Loving v. Virginia confirmed that marriage is "one of the basic civil rights of man," and same-sex marriages should receive the same protections given to interracial marriages by that ruling. The NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) named gay marriage as "one of the key civil rights struggles of our time." on May 19, 2012. US District Judge Vaughn Walker wrote on Aug. 4, 2010 that Prop. 8 in California banning gay marriage was "unconstitutional under both the Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses."


Gay couples are missing many essential benefits married couples have such as hospital visitation during an illness, taxation and inheritance rights, access to family health coverage, and protection in the event of the relationship ending. An Oct. 2, 2009 analysis by the New York Times estimates that a same-sex couple denied marriage benefits will pay an additional $41,196 to $467,562 in expenses over their lifetime compared to a married heterosexual couple. Gay marriage would also make it easier for couples to adopt, providing a stable home for foster children. As Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein argues, "We should be begging gay couples to adopt children. We should see this as a great boon that gay marriage could bring to kids who need nothing more than two loving parents."

Gay/Straight Alliance Club

Tuesday, Nov. 25th, 2pm

1 Mcdonough Plz

West Haven, CT

Every Tuesday the Gay/Straight Alliance club will meet after school in Ms. Antonucci's room in F204.

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